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Cfolder Banner

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How to change the Top banner of Cfolder.

is there standard repository available where the comapny spcific files can be stored.

i know how to modify using url but is there any way to change from Back end.

Is there any way to store the modified files in cfolder data repository



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Hello Niranjan,

try the following:

Applying Style Sheets and Logos

Web Server Method

For the style sheet or logos to have an affect on the appearance of the cFolders application,

you can enter the URL of the style sheet in the cFolders settings. If you want the style sheet

to appear for all cFolders users, you do this in the system settings under Administration. If it is

just for one specific user, you do this in the user settings under Settings. To access the new

or changed mime files, you need an additional Web Server.


1. In the cFolders application, choose Administration from the menu, or Settings from the

top-right hand corner of the screen.

2. Select the Layout tab page.

3. Specify the URLs of your own logos and style sheets:

Banner left

Banner middle

Banner right

Style sheet

You can also hide the banner by deactivating the Activate Banner indicator. This is useful if

you embed the cFolders application into a HTML frame inside a company portal. If this

indicator is set in the system administration settings, each user can still override it in their

user settings.

Users can also display a photo of themselves in the cFolders system, by entering the URL of

a photo on the Layout tab page in their user settings (My Photo URL). The image is scaled to

130 x 100 pixels. This is only available in the user settings.

Mime Repository Method

Instead of storing your style sheet or logos on a separate Web server and changing the user

or system settings, you can replace the original SAP style sheet mime objects:



1. In the cFolders 3.10 WAS 6.40, call up transaction SE80.

2. Choose Mime Repository

3. In the BSP application field, enter CFX_RFC_UI.

The name of the original style sheet(s) are “css/bspie5.css” and “css/cfxie5.css”. Note

that the alternative style sheets green.css and yellow.css contain all CSS classes in one

single file.

The name of the original logo files are: logo_left.jpg, logo_middle.jpg, and logo_right.jpg.

Note that if you change the original SAP mimes, this is a program

modification. You need developer authorization for this.