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Capture EHS Data in ABAP Report

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Hi All,


We need to include the below fields in our existing ABAP Report:

•             Storage Temperature (Storage Temp.)

•             Transport & Intermediate Storage Temperature (Trsp Temp.)

Both of the aforesaid info are available into the EHS module (T-code: CG02)


How can this data be referred to; for fetching the data in SAP ABAP Report.

I searched a lot and googled also but was not able to find any proper solution.

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Hi !

You have to pick the data from the relevant table. You can make use of these tables to fetch the data stored for value assignments, storage temperature, Transport & intermediate storage temperature.

specification - value assignment  assignment (Property tree) – ESTVH

value assignment item - ESTVP

charactersistic values - ESTAUSP, CABN

Value Assignment table - ESTVA

Substance-Specific Data - DGTMD

[In CG02, where these fields are mapped in the property tree..? that is the value assignment class]


Subash Sankar

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Dear Sachin

your requirement is not specific enough. You need to understand the EH&S data model to solve your problem. Subash provide hints to you from"ABAP" point of view. But you need be more precise in specifying your demand to get the data. Some of your data is normally e.g. available as part of "DG" master; E.g. the output variant EXCEL can be used to retrieve the data as well (If i remember correct both topic are maintained using standard property tree on specification level)

to get the "right" data you may need to specify "usage" of interest to select the "right" data

For which purpose you need the data?