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can SAP3DVisualEnterpriseApplicationsSDK_3_3_6(iOS) open .rh files?

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hi, I have a question to ask you for help, do you know

SAP3DVisualEnterpriseApplicationsSDK_3_3_6(iOS) support open .rh files? when i invoke

virtual DVLRESULT LoadScene(const char *szURL, const char *szOptionalPassword/*set to NULL*/, IDVLScene **ppScene, size_t uBallastBufferSize = 0, sDVLRootEntityItem* pRootEntity = NULL) = 0;

method in DVLCore to open .rh files, it return "bad format error" , is this SDK support open .rh files? or there exist other sdk to open .rh file type for iOS Client?

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No, the SAP VE Mobile Applications SDK cannot open RH files and there is no other SDK that can be used on iOS to open RH files. Since release of Visual Enterprise 9.0 the main file format is VDS and RH is considered as legacy. We still support it in desktop applications but it is highly recommended not to use RH files anymore.

For consumption of VDS files on mobile devices you can use either SAP VE Mobile Applications SDK for native applications or Visual Interaction toolkit UI5 control set for web based applications.