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Can not preview MSDS template under t-code CG54

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Hi experts,

I encountered a wired situation recently, when I tried to preview MSDS template under T-CODE CG54, there's a message shows in the bottom, says:

running c:\program files\sap\frontend\sapgui\wwi\wwiexe32.exe'(and waiting)'...

Then no word document opened and nothing happed.....

I'm using GUI 7.0...

But when I use my college's computer, the template could be previewed...

Please help me on this...

Thanks for your time!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Anna,

Update your SAP GUI, with latest patch



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Ana

in addition to what has been explained yet: can you view a different document using cg54? Can you do "report from template" without problem?

Some times the WWI rtf file in DMS is corrupt (rare case but can happen) and then the wwiexec could "dump" in some sense.


was there a recent WWI update on your local client? (topic of Niraj)

was there a recent SAP GUI update? (topic of Jayakumar)



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You need to install WWI server on your PC.

Alternatively, to view the generated report you should have WWI folder in c:\program files\sap\frontend\sapgui.

Install SAP GUI FOR WINDOWS 7.10 CORE. This will create a WWI folder in the above mentioned path and then try to open MSDS report.

Also check the the path in file location for User template in word document. It should be :c:\program files\sap\frontend\sapgui\wwi.

If that path is not same, modify the path as suggested.