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Can i get real time inspection results data from LIMS into MII

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Hi Guys,

Can i get inspection results data from LIMS to MII in real time. I want to display these results in control charts. The imp. point is real time. so that i can take corrective action if limits are voilated.

Please suggest.



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Answers (2)

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I'm drawing a blank on the actual name of the connector (Virtual Tag?). There is a data server/connector type that allows you to query a SQL type datasource like it was a Tag datasource. You must define your taglist query, etc. This might help.

You may also want to clarify real-time.

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Ryan - that would be the OpenConnector and yes it makes suitable sql database strucures behave like a prototypical Tag based system.

I would be more inclined to retrieve LIMS data directly from the underlying relational database or web service call (less likely) and feed it directly to the SPC Chart.

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Are you storing LIMS data in any RDBMS like SQL,Oracle,if it is the case then realtime capturing is difficult.Even MII not captures real time data, it is only for near real time.

Any how you can co-relate your LIMS data with your plant data and this way you can achive real time display on charts .

You can pick your control limits data from plant and check any of these are viloating the control limits.


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