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Calculation of CP with SPC SQC Analysis on SAP MII

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Hi everyone!

I've a problem with the calculation of CP on SAP MII, using the "SPC SQC Analysys" action bloc.

Acording the formula:

CP = USL - LSL / 6 * est

And the values:

USL = 85

LSL = 0

est = 5.19503546

Target Value = 0

Aplying the formula:

CP = 85 - 0 / (6 * 5.19503546)

CP = 2.726962457

But when I run the transaction on SAP MII, CP returns "NA"

I did another examples and the problem is only when LSL = Target Value. Although apparently the target value does not influence the calculation of CP.

Does anyone know what i need to do for get the correct result? Thank you so much!

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First I would ask if you really meant

(85-0)/(6*5.19503546) instead of


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