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BOMBOS transfer

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Hi experts,

What you think of BOMBOS transfer? Is it used very commonly in EHS implementation?

I feel we need to have good and unique BOM data before we can use that function, but more often the production BOM is not like EHS composition and different plants have their own BOM alternatives. Please share your experience on this, thanks so much!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

in our implementation we use a virtual plant which holds the reference BOM.

this unique BOM is then interfaced into EHS using BOMBOS for Product safety calculations.

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Dear John

to which BOMBOS version do you refer? The use of BOMBOS can help; if indication of use of BOMBOS is based on questions coming up in this FORUM then it is used rarely.


PS: the topic you have raised is "real" live. And therefore by using SAP EHS you will find a solution. If the solution can be handled "simply" is a different topic (an it is quite common to have at least two BOMs per Plant)

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