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BOMBOS transfer SPRO settings and technical details

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Hello All,

        I have two questions on the BOMBOS transfer......I have gone through the below links

But the information I required is missing... so posting this thread.....

1. What are the SPRO Customization settings, we have to maintain for BOMBOS transfer :

Apart from below settings, do we need to maintain any other settings like identification type, identification category? Pls let me know all the parameters required for BOMBOS transfer.

2. Technical details :

From my understanding, BOMBOS transfer will first generate the compositions of the BOM materials, then it will generate the Bill of substances.

When I debug it. I got these 2 FM's.


So, C1L3_BOS_COMPOSITION will give the compositions of the BOM materials and C1L3_BOS_GENERATE will generate the BOS. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks!!



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Saravana

the screenshot you have shown is the "most" important one. But you need to check in customizing as well the "environment parameters". Here you have some F1 help by SAP; and you will get an idea about environment parameters as used in BOMBOS transfer.

Shortly: If you check the help of activity "Bill of Material Transfer" together with "Check prerequisites" you will hopefully understand the most important facts to consider. As well the next activity is important: "specify selection criterias for Worklist"; in subsection´"Customer Exits" a number of available Exits are listed which you can use if needed (i believe we have three exits there), Any of the can be used if you have the need to. Some of them are related more to "after work" activities in EHS than for the "real" work: Use BOM to get BOS done/Prepared; what you need is a "maintenance" and "data transfer" concept between the "BOM" and how you would like to generate the BOS..I am sorry to say: this is all "customer" specific implementation and I am not aware of any kind of "Best Practise" here.

Regarding your explanation:

From my understanding, BOMBOS transfer will first generate the compositions of the BOM materials, then it will generate the Bill of substances.

I try it different:. You have one BOM; this BOM does have one "header material" and a number of items.

BOMBOS transfers/or generate (to my knowledge) in most cases this: if REAL_SUB of Header material is not there it generate it,. If REAL_SUB per item is not there it generate that. And at the end the "Header" REAL_SUb will get the "item" Real_Sub as part of the composition.

BOMBOS transfer is not discussed often in thie FORUM. Generally the SAP help is not "bad".

Check: Bill of Material Transfer - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Library

and subsequent chapters. Transferring Bills of Material Manually - Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - SAP Library


Some threads as reference:

BOMBOS: Generation of the worklist, with errors | SCN

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Hello Mr. Bergemann,

         Perfect Thanks!!



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