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BOMBOS supplier specifications

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I have a question in SPRC. We know when we perform BOMBOS, external specifications will be created (like MATPART_E or BULK_E) for supplier parts which will form a part of product structure under "supplier specifications"

Could you please let me know from which SAP table BOMBOS is getting all that purchase information.



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Dear Balu

you should "never ever" think in "tables" if you try to understand EHS processes. You should try to understand the "design" of the interface.


High level: based on a "BOM" the "BOS" is created (including a new spec if needed in EHS). Purchase information: as you know: in SAP MM you use only a "material" in purchase process. If you have "no other information" (that mean you have no BOM in most cases) then I assume the BOMBOS using SPRC will "only" create some spec with link to the material. Any "on top" data on the new spec need to be maintained by you. We are not using this process. So my by some different person might help.


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Hi CB,

Thank you for the response.

I will explain the business scenario for better understanding.

We are maintaining multiple vendor codes for few of our suppliers depending on their plant and location from which we are procuring. But they have same IMDS org id. The MSDaily file from IMDS will carry only the Org id and not the vendor code, which we have to maintain in CPO01. But when there is a chance of multiple vendor codes for the same id how can we ensure that we are importing the data for the correct supplier? To find a solution to this problem we have enhanced the import program to create multiple MatpartEs for all the possible vendor codes of that supplier.

But now my question is how can we ensure that BOMBOS is bringing all these data into the product structure? I thought searching for the table might provide an answer.

Example: We are procuring two materials 1 and 2 from the same vendor, but from different plants. So we are purchasing from two different vendor codes say A and B. But the IMDS id is common. How can we import for the correct vendor in this case, as standard SAP accommodates only one supplier for an org id? We thought of a solution in which we create two MatpartEs for each of the vendor code. For material 1 we create two matpartEs each for vendor code A and vendor code B. Same for material 2. But BOMBOS will include only one of them in the product structure of each material depending on the purchase information.

This solution leads to poor performance in import and creation of isolated MatpartEs.

Can you please suggest the best solution to above scenario.



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Hello Balu,

Multiple vendor IDs for the same IMDS OrgID is a known issue in the SPRC IMDS interface.

To answer your initial questions first: The logic that SPRC BOMBOS uses to determine supplier / manufacturer parts is typically implemented as a BOMBOS user exit.

You can identify the user-exits which are active in IMG under 'Product and REACH Compliance' -> 'Bill of Material Transfer' -> 'User Exits for Bill of Material Transfer' -> 'Manage User Exits'.

Please have a look at the user exit category 'BB_SUBBOM'.

SAP delivers different user exit implementations for this user exit in function group /TDAG/CP_BB20.

/TDAG/CP_BB20_SUBBOM_SUPPLIER can be used if you want to create supplier / manufacturer parts from purchasing info records (table EINA).

/TDAG/CP_BB20_SUBBOM_SUPP_AMPL can be used if you want to work with HERS materials and AMPL (Approved Manufacturer Part Lists).

Alternatively function module /TDAG/CP_BB20_SUBBOM_PROCURE contains a more sophisticated logic including the evaluation of the special procurement key and then calling the AMPL and the PIR logic.

You could adapt this user exit to add additional supplier / manufacturer parts as described above.

But I am not sure if this is the best approach to solve this issue.

Rather than creating multiple vendor parts for the same MDS you could try to enhance the IMDS mapping algorithm to search for alternative vendor numbers.

I think this could possibly be done in one of the IMDS_MODUL user exits (possibly 'Preprocessing' or 'Map and Save'). Please have a look into IMG 'Exchange Interfaces' -> 'Incoming Definition' -> 'Specify Incoming Templates'.

Best regards,


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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for the detailed response and providing me an insight to the possible solutions.

I will check the feasibilities and revert with my observations.