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BOMBOS: Generation of the worklist, with errors

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Hi Experts,

We are facing a problem with the BOMBOS, when generating the BOM worklist:

When we generate the worklist in transaction CG37, we get a list of the BOMs that fulfil the criteria specified in customizing. The problem is that, even for those materials/BOMs that are newly created (so, no specification is assigned to them so far), we get the icon as if a spec had already been assigned (small folder, instead of folder with question mark), but the specification ID field is empty, and editing of the same is not possible.

When we try to execute the BOMBOS for one of these materials, we get the following errors:

- Specification data 000000000178 was created/changed with errors

Message no. CM_BOMBOS035

- Enter a specification key

Message no. C$306

Any help will be welcome.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi, Irene

Can you provide some more info like,

Did you enter the specification key in the spec field before executing the BOM-BOS transfer? As far as i know system assigns automatically for all the missing spec material assignement.

If the system is unable to assign the spec automatically then you need to implement BOMBOS_GET_SPEC method of the EHSS_SPEC_CHECKS BAdI.

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No, we did not assign any specification to the material. Actually, we are not even able to do so: it looks like there is already one, but if you look for it in the system, there is none.

Additionally, the spot where you normally will get the specification ID (or just the word Specification, when none has been yet assigned) is empty.

I hope this clarifies the problem. Any idea why this could be happening?