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can any one say how to pass parameters from HTML page to BLS using Tagqueries

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Hi Krishna,

Go through this thread, This gives some light.

You have to use java script to capture the value from html pages.

Call the javascript from you html page. ( For example: If submit button is there, on clicking of submit button.

You can call the transaction in Xacute query and pass the parameter to xacute query object.

Otherwise call this transaction through URL and pass the parameter.

Example code for setting up Xacute query param from html page:

var x = document.forms[0].<Field Name>;


document.<applet name>.getQueryObject().setParam(1,x);

document.<applet Name>.refresh();


Kishore kumar P.S.

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Hi Chaitanya,

You can send tag names as well as tag values from html.For that you need to create transaction input parameters.It depends on how many parmeters you want to define.And inside the bls you select a tag query action block and in links you define the parameter tagserver with the name of your tag server.And along with this you need to map the transaction input parameters with tagnames or tagvalues depending upon your requirement.And this transaction input parameters you can assign values by defining an Xacute query which is like any other query template and you can set the values for this queryobject from the web page.

Please revert back for further clarifications.


Ravi Kumar