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Automatic PS Project Error on saving PPM Item

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I am working in S/4 Hana and I am getting a PS Project Error while saving the Item

I am getting an error while creating ITEM, I am getting an error as

WBS element 10000000000000000722019 could not be created

Termination: Too many errors (more than 10% of methods)

Entry Field key = 0000001 does not exist in TCN00 (check entry)

I am trying to create a PS Project from Item Type and following is the configuration I have done


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Answers (3)

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Hi Simon,

Better to double check all the following important settings to create an automatic project creation from PPM item to PS.

a) Create RFC Connections

b) Define Logical Systems

c) Define Object Link Type Groupings

d) Define Object Link Types

e) Define Portfolio Item Types - select Project system in "Link to Project System" and untick "NoAutoPro"

f) Linking Item Type and Decision Point - Minimum one decision point is mandatory

g) Map Item Template to Project Template or PS Project OR Map Item Type to Project or PS

h) Check if there is any mandatory fields to maintain in Project definition/WBS element in PS. You must maintain those mandatory fields as inputs.

I) Finally, check whether you are able to create or assign a PS project manually in "Related object".

j) If still not resolved, then get ABAPer help in debugging. For your reference,



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Thanks Judith

The error is eradicated

but still on saving the Item i am not able to create the Project and i could not see the project neither in Cj20n nor in Relationships (Related objects)

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Dear Simon,

Call in the ERP-system (where the PS-Project should be created) the following customizing:

Spro > Project System > Structures > Operative Structures > Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) > User Interface Settings > Create User-Defined Fields for WBS elements

Create an entry for field key "0000001".

Best regards,