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Authorisation PPM: change a project but no delete

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I have a requirement that users should be able to change projects but not to delete them.

If I use ACO_SUPER Auth. object without activity ADMIN (so only write and read), they cant delete a project bur they can not change the project anymore (e.g. add a new task or phase; all the functions remain grey). The only things what they change is add a notice or a document. Is there any possibility to give the user change rights without delete rights?

Thanks a lot


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There is not possible to give the user "Admin" change his rights without delete any rights.

I think you can define BADI to block the delete operation with the corresponding authority object.

SAP NOTE 1417134 - PPM 5.0: List of all BAdIs

SAP NOTE 2183855 - PPM 6.1: List of all BAdIs

Regards, Nikolay.