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Archiving EHS document with ADK

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Dear all,

I am running ECC 5.0.  I am trying to archive EHS documents with ADK using the object CV_DVS. I am following the documentation from IMG, Under the step "Check Document Types and Document Statues" I create the status HI, AL and AR for the document type SBR.  I ran the preprocessing step for CV_DVS and I get nothing to archive.  I check the log and here is the message.

Job started

Step 001 started (Program RC1_DVSARCH_PREP, variant TEST1)

Change report bodies:

Report DW_PERFORMI XXX_US_SDS E 00002 is not archived; document for report missing in SAP database

The status you enter does not exist

The status you enter does not exist



No reports were set to the status "Archiving is Running (AL)'

Job finished.

I just wonder have anyone using CV_DVS to archive those MSDS reports and would like to know how do you configure 
"check document types and document statuses"? it seems something is missing in my ECC 5.0 default configuration for the table.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Thank you for all your replies. I logged an incident to SAP and they refer to the note 1408009. Setting for EHS Product Safety Document & 1091699 Status definition in DMS Customizing for EHS document types.  I found the document from IMG is incorrect with a typo and missing some of information. After I followed the notes to change the setting for SBR, I am able to archive the reports now.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Lado Lado,

Hope you are maintaining these thing in DMS:

1. In DC10 Archiving Authorizing checked?

2. Chang Docs check.

3. In the define document status, you maintain all Doc.Status with Document status type (as show below screenshot.

4. Archive status (A)

    • The system sets this status when you choose Archive -> Check into archive.      
    • The system makes the same checks as for status type "O".
    • If the status cannot be set, the document cannot be archived.

5. Technically SBR comes with all standard pre configured setting, we need not to change anything in it.

Hope this may help you.


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Dear Lado

1.) we are not using this scenario

2:) I can therefore not provide an answer to your topic; only some general guidance

1.) During the use of EHS you can store WWI reports (including IBD reports) in DMS or an external DMS; The error message could may be indicate that there might be an issue in archiving reports from external DMS to Archive (I assume that the job user does have all needed access rights)

2.) I create the status HI, AL and AR for the document type SBR => normally "HI" should still be there (historic) as your normaly archive only reports in status "HI".

3.) If you have the need to archive "SBE"s as well you need to enlarge your customizing approach

You are using a "low" release ECC 5.0. But to my knowledge nothing "dramatic" has changed in ECC 6.0. (check SAP ArchiveLink - EH&S Archive Scenarios - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library) and Archiving of EH&S Documents with ADK - Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - SAP Library)

If you use an external DMS and SAP set up is not correct you will get in CG50/Cg54 error messages as: no document assigned to report (or something like this); in this case clearly you can not archive as SAP lost the connection to the document

Did yous use this approach as mentioned in SAP Help:

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose LogisticsEnvironment, Health and SafetyProduct SafetyReportsReport ManagementEdit Reports .

The Report Management: Initial Screen appears.

Select the reports in the report tree.

Choose ReportArchive

I believe you used this approach (correct ?):

Preprocessing Program

You start the archiving process with the preprocessing program. You can run this program for historical report bodies and completed final reports from archive administration, for historical report bodies from report management, and for completed final reports from report shipping:

Archive administration:

On the SAP Easy Access screen, choose ToolsAdministrationAdministrationData Archiving

The Archive Administration: Initial Screen appears.

Enter the name of the archiving objectCV_DVSand confirm your entry.

Choose the Preproc pushbutton.

Define a variant.

You can specify the following selection criteria; multiple entries are also possible:


Generation variant

Report language

Change date

When you define the variant, you also specify whether you want to archive report bodies or final reports.

Save the variant and set the start date and the spool parameters.

For details about the program flow, choose with the quick info text Job Overview on the Archive Administration: Initial Screen

Report management:

Using google If found some OSS notes:

Note 1235980:Changed parameterization for EH&S report archiving

Note 1100267:Lock tab. overflows drng archiving pre & postprocessing runs

Note 1233173:Deletion indicator for reports to be archived

Note 915675:ADK archiving for inbound reports

If companies uses the archiving process then most of them do not have problems. This topics is discussed at very low level here (may be 5 threads at max)


PS: may be check: