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Addition of custom tab and fields in cProject

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Hello Experts,

I need to add custom tab and fields in cProject project definition level(type DPO).

As it is given in IMG help, there are two ways of doing this.

1) Addition of data in CI_DPR_PROJECT and Creating the field groups and including these fields in the field groups.

2) Creating the custom tab and assigning the webDynpro component to it.

I tried the first method. Here I am able to see the field group as the tab in cProjects but the fields included in CI_DPR_PROJECT are not appearing.

Please let me know how I can see the fields which are added to CI include.


For the second method what is the meaning of implementing the WebDynpro interface DPR_CUST_EXT_INTF ?

I appreciate if anyone explains step by step procedure for this.

Thanks in advance.



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If you use version PPM 6.1 and later, final step is to delete the shared memory area called CL_DPR_FC_MAP_AREA using transaction SHMM. Than the field control buffer is refreshed and the new field is appeared on the the new tab.



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hi Madhu,

By creating a custom tab and adding field you can do that.

Pls. follw the steps as below:

1)Enhance Data base table:

Follow the path:

Spro ->Collaboration Project ->Global Enhancement to Project elements ->Enhance Database table

You will get details about Object category, its Entity table and Structure with Customer Include/APPEND Structure

Then go to Se11 and make changes as mentioned below:

Add the fields required on cProjects Screen in table DPR_PROJECT in the Include "CI_DPR_PROJECT"


Run Program DPR_CUST_FLDS_IN_FC_MAP in transaction code SE38 and execute it and in Structure w. Customer Include field, pass structure: DPR_TS_PROJECT_EXTENDED_ATTR, this will generate transport request

3)Set up field control.

Copy std. field control and create new.

Path:Spro ->Collaboration Project ->Global Enhancement to Project elements ->Set up field control

4)Create field group

Path: Spro ->Collaboration Project ->Global Enhancement to Project elements ->Set up field control

Define group to your field here for your field control.

5)Define Field groups for Customer Fields

Path: Spro ->Collaboration Project ->Global Enhancement to Project elements -> Define Field groups for Customer Fields

Make entry here. Name of group is Name of tab page in cProjects front end

Define your customer fields for field group

6)Assign field control to your Project Type:

Path : Spro ->Collaboration Project ->Structure ->Define Project type

Assign custom defined field control to the project type in Field contol field at the bottom.

With this seetings you should be able to see your custom defined fields in custom defined tab page.



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Did you try rebooting the server? I think it is a JAVA restart. I'm not really sure. My Basis team does that.

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1. Run the report DPR_CUST_FLD_IN_FC_MAP

2. SPRO collaboration projects->global enhancements->set up field control Object catagory DPO Assign your field to the field catagory

3. Same path as above -> Define field groups for customer fields assign your fields to the field group.

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I have done that also...

Still the fields are not appearing.