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Access level to tabs in component extension 3.0

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Dear Experts,

I am using component extension 3.0 and trying to create a incident review for Incident manager.

The incident has been created by Incident reporter (SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_REPORTER) and notified to the Incident manager (SAP_EHSM_HSS_INCIDENT_MANAGER) inbox in SBWP.

But the manager isn't able to edit the incident. I get the error as below.

It asks me to check the basic information tab which requires entries to make it visible. The menu bar at the top is all hidden. I checked the pathmentioned in the error - Assign Access level to tabs and there is no entry in it.

Should there be something? and if yes, what should be the parameters. I am new to this and do not know what to enter.....

I checked the ADS server configuration and did a test. It works fine.

The workflow customizing is running ok with no errors.

I have a green check mark for INC_LC with variant STANDARD

The default roles to workflow tasks has been assigned.

RFC destination called SAP_EH_FW_WFF_REPORT_TARGET is also running ok.

I have no errors in SWE2 and SWU3

But i am not finding anything in SWI1 transaction.

The background job is running.

Guide me what configuration is necessary in Access level to tabs or is there anything to do with standard workflow not triggering.

Thanks & Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Dhinesh,

i guess, missing default configuration of a customizing activity. This note have some  attached file to complete the default Customizing.

SAP EHS Management -> Incident Management -> General Configuration -> Assign Access Level to Tabs

Note 1849057 - Missing default configuration of a Customizing activity Download the attached file and configure manually.

For more information have a look  : Note 1766986 - Editable incident tabs in read-only mode

and Note 1778033 - Fields of recurrent actions are editable in read-only mode


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Dear Edward,

Thank you for the quick reply and awesome knowledge u shared. The error was resolved by updating the note 1849057.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Edward,

My requirement is to hide Asset, Risk Matrix and Investigation tab for incident category 03(Safety Observation).

Could you please let me know how to hide these tabs for Safety Observation not for Incident and Near Miss category.

I have crated Incident Access Level and configured 'Assign Access Level to Tabs. I have assigned EHHSS_INC1 authorization object into my role and assigned access control level. but still I am unable to hide tabs.

Thanks in advance...



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Hello Dhinesh,

SAP Note 1849057 addresses the missing configuration in the "Assign Access Levels to Tabs" table.  There is a zip file in the note that contains all required settings. 

It is important to understand how this table works if the incident transaction is to be enhanced with custom tabs or sub-tab UIBBs.  Each standard tab has a "MainView" that can be determined via SE80 and the sub-tab UIBBs have configuration Ids.

If you add a custom tab, you must enter the MainView of the new tab in this table and then assign it to an Access Level. 

The Access Levels are also controlled at the User level in Authorization Object EHHSS_INC1.

If you have just upgraded to EHSM 3.0, 3.0 SP3 or 4.0, make sure your user has the EHHSS_INC3 and EHHSS_INC5 authorization Objects as well.