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The Global Launch Event of SAP Innovation Management took place SAP´s at Apphaus located in downtown Heidelberg on 1st October 2014. Innovators and innovation leaders from 140 enterprise customers of SAP joined the event. A set of impressions of the overall event has been collected in this video:

In the morning, the event started with design thinking sessions on site addressing various aspects of innovation. After lunch break Günter Pecht-Seibert (Global Vice President, SAP) proudly set the stage for the global launch event. Customers were then invited to share their thoughts and impressions on stage who were involved from the early stage of development development of SAP Innovation Management as part of a co-innovation project. These very positive impressions are reflected in the selected quotes:

"It was a fascinating travel..."

"[SAP Innovation Management] helps you to get a better stage for innovation." (Dr. Stefan Biel, Fontem Ventures)

"It´s a fantastic product because they have integrated a lot of different things."

"[SAP Innovation Management] fills a gap" (Michael Gerards, Merck)

"There is only one software in the market, which fullfills [all criteria], this is SAP Innovation Management"

"´s more than fair to say that this is the best-in-class software for [....] innovation management" (Frank Mattes, innovation3)

Then Jochen Mayerle (Solution Owner for SAP Innovation Management) introduced SAP Innovation Management to the broad audience. Jochen described the key prinicples of SAP Innovation Management - transparency, innovation effectiveness and integration. In particular, he highlighted these key principles when guiding the audience through a typical innovation management scenario from ideation to innovation. See Jochen´s demonstration in the video below:

Finally, Uwe Schulz (Product Owner of SAP Innovation Management) gave an outlook about the journey ahead of SAP Innovation Management, in which all customers are very much welcome to join and to shape the future functionality of SAP Innovation Management. During and after the event there were various opportunities for networking and the participants were able to get also in touch with the core development team of SAP Innovation Management. A great chance for everybody to give direct feedback and to discuss technical details of the solution. Overall, the event was very well received and all participants were excited about the continuing journey of SAP Innovation Management.

SAP Innovation Management - short description

The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies foster innovation, capture it, and effectively and rapidly turn it into value generating initiatives that deliver continued industry leadership.

Comprising unique products, services, processes, methodologies, and governance, the SAP Innovation Management solution helps establish a creative culture that overcomes departmental silos and unleashes the power of innovation by:

  • Motivating and engaging employees
  • Encouraging inter-disciplinary idea generation
  • Exploiting the potential of new solutions and technologies
  • Seamlessly taking the right ideas from inspiration to implementation.

The SAP Innovation Management solution helps companies become innovative in everything they do. The result – more motivated employees, more loyal customers, more satisfied stakeholders, and a bright, long-term future.