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SAP has been developing a new solution called Waste Management that supports end-to-end waste management process from generation to transportation including disposal. This solution is part of SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud’s Environment, Health, and Safety and is under the licensing of SAP S/4HANA for Environment Management 

This new solution covers waste generation, storage and disposal tracking, transportation planning and form generation which is helpful for anyone with a business that contains products or materials that need to be disposed of.

This new solution contains predefined features for Germany and the USA, but it can be implemented in all countries/regions.

Since the Waste Management documentation only discusses the features for Germany and the USA, this series describes the steps, twelve to be exact, for the on-premise solution needed to carry out the end-to-end process for countries/regions that are not Germany or the USA. This series instead uses the country South Africa as an example.

In this series, we will define and execute all the steps for the South Africa example, with screenshots and explanations, from defining waste materials all the way to generating a form with all the waste transportation information needed for disposing of the waste for the on-premise solution.

Before following along in the blog series, the products for the South Africa example must already be created in the Product Master and linked to the waste material.

Note: The waste material needs to be in either a packaged or unpackaged product to determine how to transport the waste material safely.  

To do the prerequisite steps, please refer to the Best Practices scope item Waste Management (60H) prerequisite step Master Data, Organizational Data, and Other Data to complete the Master Data Scripts:

  1. 660 Create an EHS Product

Packaged Product forSouthAfrica

Unpackaged Product for South Africa

Note: To create the products in the Manage Product Master Data app, a user will need to be assigned the role of Product Specialist 

  1. 65Z Create and EHS Chemical Compliance Information Material

Waste Material for South Africa

Note: For this prerequisite step and for the rest of the blog series, a user will only need to be assigned the role of Environmental Manager.

I hope this series will be useful for you! For more details on the end-to-end process, please see Waste Management – Process Overview.