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This is the seventh step in the blog series and we are officially halfway to the end of the Waste Management E2E Process for All Countries Blog Series – South African Example! For more information on the whole process, see Waste Management - Process Overview for a refresher.

In this step, we will need to define a transportation document type for our South African example. A transportation document type is an executed document for transportation services and this step is to ensure that the right type of transportation document can be generated by the system to accompany the waste shipment noting all pertinent information related to the waste and its hazards.

SAP delivers transportation document types for Germany and the USA, but more can be defined for different countries/regions in the Customizing activity Specify Waste Transportation Document Types.

Note: When defining your transportation document type, the validity area must match the that of the waste generator, waste code catalogue, and disposal codes all done in the previous steps Waste Management E2E Process Blog Series Step 1: Defining Locations, Waste Management E2E Process Blog Series Step 2: Defining a Waste Code Catalogue, and Waste Management E2E Process Blog Series Step 5: Specifying Waste Disposal Codes respectively.

In this same Customizing activity, you can also edit the return by days (RetBy Days) which is the number of days that the Disposer, defined in Waste Management E2E Process Blog Series Step 6: Defining Waste Business Partners, needs to reply within after the transportation document has been first signed or e-sent. This is initiated by the Handover Date and defaulted to 30 days. You can also specify if a permit is needed (Permit Req), if a transporter is required (Transp Req) and if the document number field (DocNr Edit) is editable on the user interface.

For our example, South Africa, only a transporter is required.

You can add a new waste transportation document in the Specify Waste Transportation Document Types Customizing activity by following the steps below:

  1. Add a new Transportation Document Type ID

  2. Enter a country/region and region for the new ID

  3. Add a description to the new ID

  4. Check any checkboxes that are required (optional)

Below are some screenshots for your reference.

Hazardous Waste Manifest Document of South Africa Transportation Document Type

Hazardous Waste Manifest Document of South Africa Transporter Required

You have now completed creating and defining the transportation document type for South Africa!