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The fifth step in the Waste Management E2E Process for All Countries Blog Series – South African Example is to define waste disposal codes for South Africa.

The waste disposal codes describe the type of waste management activities used to treat, recover, and dispose of hazardous waste and refer to how an organization needs to dispose of generated waste based on the rules and regulations of the corresponding governmental agency.

SAP delivers the waste disposal codes Hazardous Waste Report Management Method Codes for the United States of America (USA) as well as Recovery and Disposal Codes (R and D codes) for the European Union (EU), but you can also create and define waste disposal codes for other countries/regions. This blog step is to show you how to specify them for South Africa.

Once the waste disposal codes are specified, they can then be assigned in the My Transporters and Disposers – Waste Management app to waste products, which are linked to the Waste Disposer.

Note: The validity area, in this example it is South Africa, of the specified waste disposal codes must match to the validly area of the Waste Generator location that is used in the My Transporters and Disposers – Waste Management app. With this app, an Environmental Manager can search, view, and edit business partners, designated as transporters and disposers, and link them to specific waste materials which will be discussed in a later step.

To define the disposal codes for the South Africa example, use the Specify Waste Disposal Codes Customizing activity and follow the steps below using the screenshots for reference:

  1. Add MC Group, short for Waste Management Method Group, called NWIR with Description Waste Code Reporting Description and Code South Africa

  2. Assign Country/Region as ZA / South Africa

  3. Assign Disposal Codes to Group TWA / Example Disposal Code South Africa

For more on the app referred to in this blog step, see My Transporters and Disposers – Waste Management.