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The second step in our Waste Management E2E Process for All Countries Blog Series - South Africa Example is defining a waste code catalogue for South Africa 

A waste code catalogue is a list defined by either by law or a company for classifying, naming and describing waste as part of a compliance regulation, such as the European Waste Catalogue. The waste code catalogue is the list that contains waste codes that will be used for your validity area, in this example it is South Africa, and is part of the compliance requirements needed for the legal framework of the waste process.

SAP only delivers the waste code catalogues for the European Union and the Environmental Protection Agency for the USA, so how do we define a waste code catalogue for South Africa?

You can define a new waste code catalogue in the Manage Compliance Requirements – Regulations, Permits, Policies app.

Note: Remember that you will need to have an Environmental Manager role assigned to your user to continue.

To do this, follow the Manage Compliance Requirements test procedure in the Best Practices scope item Compliance Management for Environment, Health and Safety (4C8). 

You will only need to follow the steps 1 – 5, 11 – 12 and 39-40.

There are a few minor adjustments you need to make to certain steps, listed below, and there are screenshots below to help guide you:

  • Step 3: Choose Regulation instead of Policy during creation

  • Step 4: Choose Domain: Waste instead of Air 

South Africa Regulation with Domain: Waste

  • Steps 11 and 12: Select Waste Code instead of Global Warming Potential after choosing Add, then choose Back to Compliance Requirement before moving to step 39

South African Waste Code Regulatory List

  • Step 39: The Regulation screen is displayed

  • Step 40: Confirm your selection to release the compliance requirement of Regulation type 

South Africa Waste Code Catalogue Released

Congratulations! You have now completed defining a waste code catalogue for South Africa.

For more information on the app, please see Manage Compliance Requirements - Regulations, Permits, Policies.