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Welcome to the first step in the Waste Management E2E Process for All Countries Blog Series - South African Example!

This first step you will need to do after the perquisites from the overview blog is to define the locations which will be labeled as “waste generator”, “storage location” and “point of waste generation”. You will also need to define the persons responsible for these locations.

The "waste generator" acts as a reporting entity where the waste is produced, such as a plant or facility. It is responsible for ensuring the waste management process is compliant with all local regulations and prepares the necessary reports/documents to support the local regulations.

The "point of waste generation" is the area within the "waste generator" where the waste product is generated. There can be more than one "point of generation" depending on how large the plant or facility is and is defined this way so the generated waste is picked up from the correct point to be transported and disposed of properly. 

The "storage location" is the place where waste is stored before being transported to the disposal facility. Not all "waste generators" need a "storage location" as some waste products are moved immediately to their appropriate disposal facility. The "storage location" is there to take away waste product until there is enough to be moved to a disposal facility or the proper transport is secured. 

The "waste generator", "point of waste generation", and "storage location" can be one plant or facility or be separate location depending on how large the facility is. If the plant or facility is small, then the locations are usually all the same, but larger facilities need to separate out these locations in order to be able to transport and dispose of waste in an orderly and sufficient way.

For the South Africa example, the locations are all in the same place as this is a small plant.

Waste Generator, Point of Waste Generation, and Waste Storage for South Africa

To define these locations, follow the Best Practices scope item prerequisite steps Waste Management (60H) - Master Data, Organizational Data, and Other Data and Preliminary Steps.

Then, follow the Master Data Script 3SR Create a Location.

Finally, follow the best practices Waste Management (60H) - Manage Waste Locations test procedure to complete this step. 

Note: Defining locations is done in the Manage Locations app using Location Classifier. Remember, you will need to be assigned the role of Environmental Manager.

For more information on the app itself, please see Manage Locations on the SAP Help Portal.