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I am writing this blog to provide an overview of virtual internships at SAP Labs. I have tried to sum up my 2 months in few paragraphs.

I have joined SAP Labs India on 24th May 2021 as a summer intern. I got allotted my buddy also (Every intern at SAP Labs allotted a buddy whose is full-time employer, in short, he is the guy who will pull you out from troubles 😉). So, I was wishing to get work on microservice architecture and fortunately, I landed in the Digital Manufacturing Cloud Team. So here I got the work I am wishing for, Bingooo right 🤩?


Now you must be curious to know what exactly my project was, right? So let me brief it.

I have to develop a robust and resilient microservice that will communicate with slack and provide us with channel updates. These slack channels are getting updates of all the microservices which are up and running in all the spaces such as PROD, DEV, PREPROD, etc. and store in a time series database then I need to build a dashboard to visualize the failure status of microservices and classify the status as unique or not.

What should be the newbie reaction after listening to this? Am I able to complete this😐

That was the same thing going back and forth in my mind. But my buddy was pretty sure that we can able to wrap up this. I have no clue where to start from 🤔, Nowhere buddy came to the rescue, he clarified my doubts. Now I know where to look, what to learn, what is relevant for my project.

So, I started then, and fortunately, I have made many new friends in this journey, let me introduce them to you 😃 : Python, Flask, Cloud foundry, InfluxDB, Grafana, SSH tunneling, Port forwarding, WebHooks, 12 factor App, Event API’s, OAuth 2.0, Tokens, Private/Public keys, Slack Bots.

*I liked to call tech and tools as a friend, pardon for this 😉.

I have never heard of some of my friends names (Tech stack) before and there’s name itself is horrifying for a newbie. But I must say they are pretty good, it took a little time to do friendship and understand them. Eventually, we all get along with each other.

Now you must be curious to know whether am I able to complete this whole task?

Yups 😎, I am able to complete it and I am happy about this.

My internship ends on 23rd July 2021, This 2 months of internships are the best time of learning and fun together that I have ever experienced. Thank you, SAP, for giving me this opportunity and wonderful memories for my future.

What are the best learning that I am taking from here which will definitely help me in the future are as follow :

  • How to learn anything

  • Plan well before you start anything

  • First Divide, then prioritize, then conquer

This is just the gist of 2 months, I have so much to talk about. Ultimately most important for newbies is you will get challenges to face, time and resources to learn and apply them practically, and a lot of fun and enjoyment in Friday nights at iXp summer internship by SAP Labs India.

I would like to thanks my managers Chandrasekhar KG, Prasath Kumar Ramachandran, and my mentor Ninad Ramadas Narasimhamurthy for guiding me along the way, Swathi Sushilan and her team for always being available for doubts and arranging Knowledge sessions for us, Sinam Lenin Singh, Aishita Singhal and their team for visiting our campus.

‘Bring Everything You Are. Become Everything You Want’ — SAP