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Welcome to the blog post that explains the Extension Capability of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

As manufacturers continue to adopt digital technologies to streamline their operations, it’s important to have integrated solutions that can adapt and evolve with changing business needs. SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud offers a range of extension capabilities that help manufacturers achieve greater efficiency and agility in their processes.

In this post, we will delve into the Extension Capability available in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud that enables us to enrich the Goods Issue Message with the stock type, that can be queried from the S/4 HANA system before the Goods Issue is posted.

Why do we need this Extension?

Scenario: We have a make-to-order (MRP Strategy 86) finished material with multi-level BOM (Process orders are created for semi-finished materials also). All the Process Orders created are pegged to the sales order.

When we consume the batch of semi-finished material finished material in DMC, we get an error for the specific consumption in COGI, because the system considers the stock as special and reserves it for the sales order.

Solution: To resolve the same, we need to include a stock type indicator while posting goods issues to the process order. It’s not part of the standard workflow.  So we have built an extension to include a stock type indicator which is queried from S/4 HANA System.

Let’s check the details of how to build it.

Steps to Extend Integration Workflow

1. Identify / Create a Workflow

In our case, the workflow is not available as part of Standard Workflows, So we have to create a new Custom Workflow. To create the same, navigate to App Manage Integration Workflows in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, Select the tab Custom Workflows and click on Create Button.

Manage Integration Workflows

Enter the below details

Root Name: ProcOrdConf2_CREATE_ENTRY_TT

Description: Process order quantity confirmation/process order activity confirmation/process order goods issue/process order goods receipt.

Click on the Save button. Custom Workflow is created. You can see that it has Standard Service and Standard XSLT prefilled already.

Custom Workflow


2. Create an Integration Flow


  • Enable the “Material Stock – Read” API in the S/4 HANA On-Premise system. For details refer API Business Hub link.

  • In the Cloud Connector of Cloud Integration Subaccount - Configure Cloud to On-Premise connection of protocol HTTPS for S/4 HANA On-Premise system and note down the Location ID, virtual host, and port

  • Download the Cloud Integration content zip file with the name – “Process Order Confirmation pre translate” from the Git Repository


We will create an Integration Flow in Cloud Integration to get the stock type indicator from the S/4 HANA system for a specific Batch. To do the same, navigate to the SAP Cloud Integration Design section.

Click on the Create button to create a new package

Create Package

Provide Name, Technical Name, and Short Description, and Click on the Save button to create a new package

Save Package

Navigate to the Artifacts tab in the Package and click on Add, Integration Flow to create a new Integration flow.

Create Integration Flow

Select the Upload radio button in the pop-up, Click on Browse, and select the “Process Order Confirmation pre translate” (Downloaded as part of the prerequisite). Click the OK button to upload the content.

Upload Integration Flow

Click on the created Integration Flow to update S/4 HANA System details, Credentials, and the Location ID

Navigate to Integration Flow

Click on the Edit button to edit the Integration Flow.

Edit Integration Flow

Update the Address field with the virtual host and port of the S/4 HANA system, Location ID, and Credential Name with S/4 HANA Credential name created in Cloud Integration and Click on the Save button. Finally, click on the Deploy button to deploy the Integration Flow.

Update and Deploy Integration Flow

3. Update Workflow


Download the Custom XSLT file with the name – “ProcOrdConf2_CREATE_ENTRY_TT_XSLT” from the Git Repository


Now that we have created an Integration Flow, let's configure the same in the workflow.

Navigate to App Manage Integration Workflows in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, Select the tab Custom Workflows and click on the custom workflow you have created in Step 1. Click on the Edit Button.

Update Custom Workflow

Enter Custom Pre-XSLT Workflow as “ProcOrdConf2_CREATE_ENTRY_TT_CUS_PREXSL” and copy the content of the XSLT download in the prerequisite to the Custom XSLT field and Click on the Save Button.

Update and Save Custom Workflow


We have now completed all the configurations that help us extend the Process Order Goods Issue Workflow.


We have now successfully extended our Process Order Goods Issue Workflow with Stock Type Indicator queried from the S/4 HANA system.

Now if we post the goods issue for relevant process orders, we can see Special Indicator Flag included as part of the payload in the Cloud Integration Log.

Cloud Integration Log


We have learned as part of this blog a possible extension scenario in the Digital Manufacturing Cloud, the steps involved in extending an Integration workflow, and the different systems involved.

Hope you have enjoyed reading and replicating the same. Please let me know your queries and feedback in the comments section.

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