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Start of Ramp-Up for "SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1"


RTC and Start Of Ramp-Up

On October 29, SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1 had RTC (Release To Customer) and Start of Ramp-Up. The end of Ramp-Up is currently scheduled for April 29, 2015. The Ramp-Up nomination process is currently ongoing and we are still looking for additional Ramp-Up customers. If you want to join Ramp-Up, please contact your SAP Account Manager or SAP Sales contact.

Functional Innovations And New Features

A detailed description of all new and/or enhanced functional innovations and features can be found in the Release Notes (see next chapter for the link). A short summary of the highlights:


Portfolio Management:

  • New table technology for item dashboard:
    New table service (ATS) is used for the item dashboard and is integrated into
    the FPM framework of the Portfolio Management. This offers better behavior in
    visualization, scrolling, filtering, sorting and personalization options.

  • Search and Display of archived portfolio management data:
    Search of archived portfolio management data has been provided. With forward
    navigation from the search result list the archived data can be displayed in
    the application. In addition the access to archived portfolio management data
    can now be controlled by a new and specific authorization object.

  • Multi-Language Handling and Master Language Concept:
    An improved language handling has been provided. This covers handling of
    language dependent texts in Portfolio Management, the possibility to define a
    master language for a portfolio and a service program to support migration, set
    or change of master language of an existing portfolio.

  • Further usability features:
    As of SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1 some new usability features have been introduced:
    • Search for buckets
    • Expand and collapse
      buttons for bucket structure: the bucket structure view provides expand and
      collapse buttons to handle single hierarchy levels or the complete hierarchy.
      This functionality is available in the bucket structure view of the portfolio
      structure and the classification hierarchy in Portfolio Management and in
      Portfolio Administration.


Project Management:

  • Improvements in Project Structuring and Maintenance have been implemented:
    • Task hierarchies below project definition
    • Checklists below tasks
    • Improved create buttons for project elements.
      • New project element milestone introduced.
      • On creation (or selection) of project element, set focus to field description
    • Allow the inclusion of operational project elements
    • Improved copy and paste
      • Full support of cut/copy/paste (incl. drag & drop) between phases and project definition
      • Copy tasks: copy also role assignments
    • Quick action buttons
      • Delete constraints with button in detail view. Introduce button on task details resetting all constraints.
      • Indent/Out-dent in hierarchy. Introduce buttons to indent and out-dent objects in hierarchy
    • Automatically set POC to 100% on task completion
    • Use operational authorizations in project versions
  • Enhancements in Graphical Views:
    • Graphic View Optimizations enabled  to project header and checklist items
    • Possibility to define a default start view in graphic view
    • Graphic View Optimization enabled for Multi-Project Monitor
    • Automatic scrolling prevented to start of task in GANTT Charts
    • Better display of summary tasks bars by using distinct color or pattern in GANTT.
  • Improvements in Project Dashboards:
    Several usability features for the project dashboards have been implemented, like:
    • List of all projects I'm authorized for
    • Open multiple projects from project dashboard via button "open“
    • Display project in “My Tasks” list
  • Staffing Screens and Search:
    With SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1 the following features have been provided:
    • Additional columns (organizational unit, phone number, location)
    • Type ahead search
    • Deletion and multi-select
    • Delete selected staffings
    • Delete Role in staffing overview
    • Grant authorization to user on staffing to improved consistency and transparency
  • Management of Conflicts Between Task Scheduling and Resource Planning:
    For conflicts in project planning, a check functionality is provided to analyze
    and resolve date and distribution conflicts of roles, staffing and
    role-task-assignments in regard to task and project dates. Values are suggested
    and can be used to solve the conflicts by one click or the user can manually
    maintain other dates to solve the identified conflicts.
  • Enhancement of XML-Import/Export Functionality:
    For export and import of the project as XML file, the defined text languages
    are considered in the XML data for the object description, not only the log on
    language. In addition checklist references are now included in the XML files.

Integration to SAP Innovation Management via Object Link:

A new object link allows connecting projects, portfolio items or
initiatives to ideas in SAP Innovation Management.

UI Harmonization of object links in Project and Portfolio Management:

The object link creation process in portfolio management is harmonized
with the one in project management based on the existing Create screen

and search dialog.

General Information, Guides, and Documentation

There are some places where you can find information about SAP Portfolio and Project
Management 6.1 which also serve as central points of entry to find additional

SP Prerequisites and SP Schedule

Information about the available Support Packages (SPs) and their prerequisites as well as
important notes which should be implemented after implementing a particular SP can be

found in SAP Note 2026050. The current 6.1 Support Package schedule can be found in

SAP Note 2026050, too.

Important SAP Notes

There are some SAP Notes which are in general very important for SAP Portfolio and
Project Management 6.1 and which also serve as central points of entry to find
additional information:

  • SAP Note 2026407    FAQs - SAP Portfolio and Project Management 6.1
  • SAP Note 2026422    PPM 6.1: Supported Browsers, Java versions, etc.
  • SAP Note 2026421    PPM 6.1: Configuration Content
  • SAP Note 2026050    PPM 6.1: Support package information, notes, and schedule
  • SAP Note 2026426    PPM 6.1: Performance notes