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Dear community,

good news for engineers, frontline workers and all people with a favor for immersive technologies. SAP has launched a new mobile app where users can view 3D visualizations of products and assets in Augmented Reality (AR). In my role as product manager for SAP Mobile Experience, I am proud to write about the app's key capabilities and its business value for manufactures and service providers.

The app is currently available at the Apple app store with a new released version 1.0.1


Augmented Reality mode

Let us start with the Augmented Reality mode. Compared to the classical way to view 3D content (which offers the app as well), the Augmented Reality mode has some advantages especially for frontline workers:

  • The 3D visualization can be placed directly in front of the physical counterpart making it easy for the user to identify the right spare parts

  • In AR the user is the camera, meaning by moving the mobile device around the 3D visualization, the user can view it from all angles but also its interior without any additional user input

  • In AR mode. the 3D visualization can be viewed in real-life dimensions making it easier to judge if the 3D object fits into the environment

Viewing Evovalve interior in AR mode


Object Mode

Once the 3D visualization is streamed from SAP Enterprise Product Development, the App user can switch anytime into the object mode of the app. In object mode the user can view, zoom and pan the 3D visualization with standard mobile finger gestures. Information about the visual components can be retrieved by hitting the info button at the bottom of the screen. Important engineering or business data can be copied by holding the finger for some seconds to a datapoint.

Copy material code (Part Number) with your fingertips

Visual Work Instructions

3D visualizations with a video control contain visual work instructions. Each animation can be played, skipped or paused. Animations are created easily in SAP Enterprise Product Development without knowing any special 3D skills. Product experts can upload the CAD model manually or by a workflow and edit it with authoring tools to make beautiful service, manufacturing or maintenance procedures.

Visual work instructions to exchange the seal of the Evovalve


User authentication and app administration

First, the app offers a demo mode available for everyone. But to access the cloud content, users need a SAP Enterprise Product Development subscription. Also some minor administration work needs to be done at SAP BTP to establish trust between the app and the backend service. In the admin guide of the SAP Product Model Viewer, you can read more about the required administration steps and recommended security settings. Assuming single sign on is implemented and a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool is in place, app users do not even need to enter user credentials to use the app securely in production.


Try out the demo


You like to explore the app on your own? Try out the demo mode today! Scan this QR code with your phone to download the app and make your first photo with the SAP Product Model Viewer!


User Guide for SAP Product Model Viewer at SAP Help page 

Admin Guide for SAP Product Model Viewer at SAP Help page