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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
🚀 Unlock the Power of SAP Digital Manufacturing! 🌐 - PART 2

* See PART 1 here.

Dive into the future of manufacturing with SAP’s cutting-edge solutions! 🏭

Here’s a curated list of assets that will reshape the way you approach SAP Digital Manufacturing aspects like: Resource Orchestration (REO), Analytics & Insights, Shop Floor Integration, Low Code / No Code and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Don’t miss out on the transformation! 💡

Resource Orchestration (REO):

🌟 Interactive Value Journey:
🕒 Labor Scheduling and Shift Planning:
🌐 Dispatch and Monitoring:
🕒 Characteristics based dispatching:

Insights / Analytics / DMi:

🌟 Interactive Value Journey:
📊 Embedded SAC in SAP Digital Manufacturing:
📊 Create your first KPI:

Automation / Shop Floor Integration:

🌟 Interactive Value Journey:
🌟 Interactive Value Journey:
🔧 Shop Floor Orchestration:

Low Code / No Code:

🔄 Production Process Design:
🔄 Add PPD to POD Designer:
🔄 POD Designer:

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

🔄 Analysis and Repair with AI Support:
🤖 SAP Conversational AI and SAP Digital Manufacturing Chatbot:


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Manoel Costa