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I recently sat down with Ken Murphy (WIS Pubs) to discuss the direction of SAP Digital Manufacturing and how we are tackling old and new challenges in new and innovative ways.  Mostly by leveraging the speed and agility of the next generation of software solutions from SAP.  The video from this interview can be found here:

A few of things to make sure you know before listening in:

What is OPC-UA?

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) is the latest industrial communication standard to hit the automation floor and is maintained by the OPC Foundation.

What is SAP MII?

SAP Manufacturing Integration & Intelligence (MII) is a mature software solution that has been delivering integration and analytics for industrial companies around the globe for over a decade.  There is a very large and established ecosystem of customers and partners that support each other and collaborate on our SAP MII Community site.

What is meant by enterprise business context?

In the case of integrating automation and process control systems with a process or analytics there needs to be a way to manage and identify the various data points and values generated from the automation layer.  Once this mapping exists it becomes possible to pull information down from the enterprise layer and match it to the various automation system data.  This reduces manual data entry and ensures processes and analytics are driven in real-time.