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In this example, we will rename the key figure “Plan Cost” to “Budget Cost”in the HCS report. Here’s how the HCS report looks like before making the changes.

It is good practice that if any changes are required to these queries, they should be copied into the customer namespace and then changed. This is to ensure that the active version of the queries does not get overwritten by SAP delivered queries after an upgrade.

In this blog we will change the SAP delivered queries. Queries copied to customer namespace can be changed in the same way.

To rename the key figure, Launch BEx Query Designer --> Open query /CPD/AVR_MP_Q011 --> Navigate to Rows/Columns --> Select key figure “Plan Cost” --> Change the description to “Budget Cost” in the properties pane --> Save the query

After making the changes the key figure “Plan Cost” is now renamed to “Budget Cost”

Key figures in the PCS report can be renamed in the same way.