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Compliance & Risks data partner, Prop 65 News, reports that a group of 17 Democratic state legislators in California have asked the state’s Governor, Jerry Brown, to delay finalizing the proposed Safer Consumer Products Regulation.

In a letter to Governor Brown, the legislators expressed “significant concern” about the Department of Toxic Substances Control’s (DTSC) current economic analysis and what the lawmakers call a “lack of real answers regarding the impact of the proposed regulations.”

Concerns about the economic impact of the green chemistry regulation have been expressed by industry, as well. Last week, several trade associations voiced similar concerns about the costs and practicality of the proposed regulation in San Jose, CA. One of the trade groups in attendance, the Toy Industry Association sent a similar letter to Governor Brown, stating, “These regulations may saddle toy companies, both large and small, with unpredictable costs related to testing, data collection, complex expert analysis, reporting, etc.”

Source: Complianceandrisk