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Enabling product-centric organizations to deliver the right products at the right time at the right price – this is our mission in PLM and if you have missed our last what’s new webinar, this is your chance to catch up with us. With our 2211 release we are very happy to launch following new cloud services in SAP Enterprise Product Development:

Innovation Management

To stay competitive in a rapidly changing market, Innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition and maintaining a competitive advantage. The new Innovation Management in SAP Enterprise Product Development supports product-centric teams to run crowd innovation campaigns to identify product development needs. These innovations can help organizations adapt to changing customer needs and preferences and develop new products and services that are more relevant and appealing to their target markets.

Additionally, Innovation Management can foster a culture of creativity and innovation. By providing tools and resources for idea generation, and by recognizing and rewarding innovative thinking and actions, organizations can foster a more innovative and dynamic culture. Overall, innovation management is an important aspect of running a product development process, as it can help product teams stay competitive, adapt to changing market conditions, improve efficiency, and foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

Specification Management

Sustainability is an increasingly important dimension in product lifecycle management. As concerns about the environmental impact of products and manufacturing processes continue to grow, product-centric companies are recognizing the need to develop more sustainable products. As a result, we have decided to evolve SAP Enterprise Product Development to support the development of sustainable products and to help companies manage the entire lifecycle of their products in a more sustainable way through advanced product data management capabilities. These are designed to enable product developers to move away from manual and excel-based tools. This can help companies improve their reputation and differentiate themselves in the market and can also support regulatory compliance and reduce costs.

To learn more about Specification Management, check out following links:

Configuration Management

One of the key goals of PLM is to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing the entire lifecycle of a product, from its initial conception to its disposal. During the lifecycle of product, change is inevitable and therefore product teams need an integrated and consistent way to share product data across the extended enterprise. Therefore, we have invested in a new capability to assign product data to baselines. This enables product development teams to create snapshots and continue the development process. The key advantage with this approach is that downstream users across the Supply Chain can access well-defined product baselines. 

To learn more about Configuration Management, check out following links:

Overall, 2211 also includes new features across all capabilities. You can find details and additional assets of each innovation in the SAP Road Map Explorer. Check out the SAP Help Portal for further documentation and ask your questions in our community. Be assured you will get the best possible answer by our community and experts in a fly!

About the author

Ismail Serin is the Head of Product Management of SAP PLM. Follow him on LinkedIn to get the latest product news about our SAP PLM solutions at SAP.