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Project management for enterprise projects is one of the strategic business areas to control and continuously monitor the financial aspects in today’s competitive economy. The Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management business area in SAP S/4HANA Cloud aims at integrating key business processes to monitor performance and profitability for your organization.

This blog post intends to give you product insight on solution capabilities like Project Financials Control, Project Logistics Control, Project Management in the Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management business area in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

The solution capabilities available in EPPM are:

EPPM Area Map (SAP S/4HANA Cloud)

Project Financials Control

With this solution, as a project financial controller, you can manage projects and monitor project costs. Different project profiles determine a project’s behavior for an accounting scenario.

You can:

  • Define work breakdown structures accurately, which serve as accounting structures for subsequent project financial accounting tasks

  • Plan costs and budgets efficiently to track actual versus planned costs

  • Monitor the progress and performance of projects

  • Identify deviations and at-risk activities or issues.

Related Apps on SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • Project Control - Enables you to create and maintain project header details associated with the assigned enterprise projects.

  • Project Planning - With this app, you can create and change the structure of a project, view the planned project timeline in a Gantt chart, and edit master data of the project structure elements.

  • Manage Project Procurement - With this app, you can easily monitor purchase orders and purchase requisitions associated with a project or work breakdown structure (WBS) element in a display currency.

  • Project Budget Report – Enables you to monitor project costs and budget by comparing budget with actual value. You can also monitor the available budget and plan costs at individual line item level.

Project Logistics Control

The successful execution of projects can require that certain material and services are procured and delivered in time. With this solution, as a project procurement controller, you can create the demands of work packages which are used to manage the procurement out of a project. Prior the actual procurement, demands can be defined as part of your planning activities. These demands of work packages can then be used to trigger and monitor subsequent procurement of material and services.

You can:

  • Define a demand

  • Trigger and monitor a demand of work package or project

  • Improve project planning activities

  • Prevent business disruptions by understanding all logistics-related execution aspects of a project.

Related Apps on SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • Manage Project Demand - Enables you to create material and service demands, trigger and monitor the procurement of the requested materials and services for your project or work package.

Project Management

With this solution, you can monitor your internal projects, for example R&D projects, and steer them through your company’s organization. You are supported to keep all involved stakeholders in the loop about your ongoing projects, for example during the regular steering committee meetings.

You can:

  • Monitor key aspects of projects like milestones, status information

  • Update project brief information

  • Create and access project-related collaborations.

Related Apps on SAP S/4HANA Cloud:

  • My Projects - Project Manager – This app enables you to get an overview of the projects to which you are assigned as a project manager.

  • My Projects - Steering Committee - This app enables you to get an overview of the projects to which you are assigned as a member of the project steering committee.

  • Project Briefs - This app enables you to edit and display key attributes of the projects, plan milestones, staff the project, and document its progress and performance.

  • My Projects – Key Figures – This app enables you get an overview of costs, overall status, project type, and the project priority of all the projects in which you are involved.

  • My Projects - Upcoming Milestones – With this app, you can get an overview of the upcoming and overdue milestones of your active projects.

  • My Projects - Detailed Status – With this app, you can get detailed statuses of all your active projects sorted by their values and trend.

  • Manage Project Rankings – This app enables you to create new project rankings.


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