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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hey there! The moment has finally arrived - the new SAP Enterprise Product Development 2302 release is here. Get ready to discover all the exciting changes and updates. For example, with this release, we welcome Insights as a new capability to the SAP Enterprise Development family. Subscribe to it and analyze product-related information to make smarter business-related decisions.

In addition to the new features and functions, we've spruced up our presence on the SAP Help Portal, the place to go to learn all about the new features and get helpful info on how to install, configure, and use the software. For a complete overview of the new functions that come with SAP Enterprise Product Development 2302, head on over to

What’s New in SAP Enterprise Product Development

Here are some other new things on our Product Page

Some of you told us it wasn't always easy to find information on how different capabilities can be integrated with other SAP products. In response, we've updated the Integrate tab on our SAP Help Portal page. Check by capability what you can use together: SAP Enterprise Product Development

Links and Videos

On the Discover tab, we've added links to the Enterprise Product Development spaces in the SAP Community and the SAP Roadmap and to product videos on YouTube. But you don't have to leave the SAP Help Portal to find video-based content. When you're in the Administration Guide or a User Guide and see an image like this in a guide, you know that a short explanatory video is waiting for you. See this example: Create a Configuration Plan.

How to Write a Configuration Plan

Here are direct links to the other documents that we offer for SAP Enterprise Product Development to help you out:

o   Collaboration: The Collaboration capability of SAP Enterprise Product Development lets you instantly collaborate with participants, within and outside your organization, to accelerate product innovation.

o   Common Functions: You can customize different teams of users, add or remove users from the teams, and manage capability rules with the Manage Teams app.

o   Configuration Management: Configuration experts can set up configuration plans and create baselines to demonstrate the consistency of a product throughout its lifecycle.

o   Connected Products: Provides real-time monitoring of products and faster product design based on actual data. An IoT-enabled engineering model of a physical product is connected via sensors. OEMs create connected product models. Operators can then subscribe to the models (Digital-Product-as-a-Service) and use insights from the models for predictive maintenance.

o   Engineering: This capability includes the following applications:

  • With the Requirements Acquisition apps, you have a streamlined process for collecting and analyzing customer requirements.

  • The Web application Requirements Management and Systems Modeling lets you work in areas of requirements management and systems modeling.

  • With the Test Management apps, you can plan, execute, monitor, and analyze the testing projects for your product prototype.

o   Enterprise Product Structure: This new capability lets you search for products, BOMs, and product structures to view product data and its BOM components and structures. Additionally, it synchronizes products, BOMs, and related product data from SAP S/4HANA systems.

o   Product Innovation Management: A capability that provides a streamlined process for incubating innovation, from initiating an idea campaign to evaluating and picking promising ideas that can bring benefit.

o   Insights: The Insights capability for SAP Enterprise Product Development enables you to analyze product-related information more easily.

  • Intelligent Handover: Designed for production engineers, the Intelligent Handover capability in SAP Enterprise Product Development bridges the gap in the design-to-operate phase in the product lifecycle management (PLM).

o   Specification Management: For managing specifications in a central repository. It provides a single source of truth for product-, raw material-, and packaging-related data.

o   Visualization: This capability comprises applications and a set of microservices that simplify the visualization of 3D design data in business applications.

o   Product Cockpit

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