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Product and Topic Expert

As a project lead for Go to Market in SAP’s PLM area and a millennial myself, social media is part of my daily life, and it is hard to imagine a time without it. I believe that videos are in the top media format people consume today which provides strong product awareness and visibility in the digital space. According to a survey conducted by wyzowl, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and 92% of them continue to value video as an important part of their marketing strategy. At SAP, we see it the same way. The question is, how can we create professional video content and bring our idea to market quickly to support and drive a low-touch no-touch marketing strategy?

At SAP, we always strive to be innovative, no matter in what area we are at, including in go-to-market. How can we make videos fun and easy to make? We imagined a world, where our teams can follow a guided process on how-to create and publish their own professional and informative product videos on SAP YouTube Channels.

We hosted a 4 session workshop series of how to produce your own video to interested members within our organization. The participants were grouped into teams where we had a variety of roles including developers, user assistance, development managers and product managers. We also had 4 coaches supporting each team after the workshop sessions. Speaking of innovation, we used to generate voice overs. This halved our time and efforts of this step in the process, and it ensures we have consistent voice overs and easily personify our demos with different voices. The goal was to have each team create a professional video that is ready to be published on our SAP Community YouTube channel.

After having conducted the workshop series successfully, we were really excited to host the first ever PLM Influencers Awards. This event was held on the 8th of September 2022, where we showcase and recognize our teams’ efforts and achievements to our internal ecosystem.

In total, we had 4 judges & presenters, and 5 teams who entered the race to win in 4 categories including:

  1. Best Edit Award was judged and presented by Mike Fecek. Mike is SAP’s Digital Lead for the Digital Supply Chain and he has been a huge supporter of this initiative and inspired our participants with a welcome note right at the beginning of the workshop series.

  2. Best Story Award was judged and presented by Ismail Serin. Ismail is the Head of PLM Product Management

  3. Social Media Potential Award was judged and presented by Lawrence Martin. Lawrence is the head of S/4HANA Cloud PLM/EPPM & Content Development.

  4. Public Vote Award was judged by the audience of the PLM Influencers Awards and presented by Carsten Dietze-Selent.

Nominated Videos:

1. How to collect customer feedback and transform it into concrete requirements

Produced by Ing-Marie Loennerheden & Marleen Benner. Coached by Daniel Juhasz


2. Don’t miss this video if you are a Systems Engineer managing complex systems

Produced by Christian Koestner, Annette Garcia Lorenzo & Esti Sojati Coached by Daniel Juhasz


3. Worry about the inconsistent changes between the requirements update and development? Tune in!

Produced by Grace Wu, Lu Jin & Lynn Liang. Coached by Sina Goetz & Yash Agrawal


4. Establish a secured product collaboration across the extended enterprise with SAP

Produced by Atilla Madarasz & Taniya Verma. Coached by Sarah Mei Niesel


5. How to upgrade your Online Store into an Interactive Showroom

Produced by Sujit Singh and Dzmitry Mazouka. Coached by Sina Goetz & Yash Agrawal


PLM Influencers Awards 2022, Award Category Winners

Congratulations to Christian, Annette and Esti for winning the Best Edit Award and tie-breaking the Public Vote Award with another team in the PLM Influencers Awards. You all have showcased world-class editing techniques in your video!

Congratulations to Atilla and Taniya for winning TWO awards at the PLM Influencers Awards; Best Story Award and Social Media Potential Award. Outstanding effort to the both of you.

Congratulations to Sujit and Dzmitry who tied on winning the Public Vote Award in the PLM Influencers Awards 2022. Visualization and customer experience is a huge topic now a days, and you showcased an awesome demo on how SAP serves our customers, customers.

Key Take Away

  • We were able to publish 5 professional videos on YouTube within the span of 2 months. That is 5 times faster than we usually would conventionally

  • Using new technologies, we were able to half our time spent on producing clean voice recordings using an AI generated voice

  • Thanks to SAP Digital Experience content team, we were able to smoothly ease into post-production with the variety of templates and assets available

The results speak for itself. I believe our participants had a great and fun experience learning about the whole process of professional video creation. Everyone brought home new skills in their toolbox which they can now use in their professional career.

Thank you

I would like to give a huge shout out to our SAP Community social media team who has been super co-operative and supportive in publishing SAP PLM video content on the SAP Community YouTube channel.

Big thank you to all our teams who entered the competition. Each video has proven itself worth and they are high quality content available on YouTube that spreads awareness of our amazing products we build at SAP to help the world run better. During the event, there was a little surprise thank you video that was done by the teams and coaches. I couldn’t hold back and shed a tear or two. Hearing everyone’s appreciation is a great feeling to have - this shows me that this project was worthwhile.

Thank you to our judges and presenters for being huge advocates of this initiative and taking your time to go through the criteria and provide direct feedback to each team.

And last, but not least, thank you to the coaches and our manager for making it all happen. It was a huge team effort, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

About the Author:

Sarah Mei Niesel is the Go-To-Market Project Lead for SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Her main focus is to share stories about SAP PLM & build bridges between software development, marketing, solution management, consulting, product management, partner management, customer excellence office and of course, our community.

Follow her on LinkedIn to get the latest news about our PLM solutions at SAP.