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SAP Commercial Project Management for S/4 HANA uses BW (Business Warehouse) technology to support project cost and revenue planning, analytics and forecasting use cases.

Within S/4HANA, CPM planning technology is modernized with HANA planning technology a.k.a Planning Application Kit (PAK) (FAQ Note 1637199). This option is available for all versions of SAP Commercial Project Management for S/4HANA starting release 1610.

You may refer to note: 1637199 . The report program: RSPLS_PLANNING_ON_HDB_ANALYSIS can be used to check which planning functions could run on HANA database.

Another key architecture milestone of CPM in S/4HANA is virtual master data. In CPM for ERP, planning and forecasting used master data which needed replication into BW tables using characteristics such as:

/CPD/FPID – Structure Element

/CPD/FPOID – Financial plan

/CPD/FVER – Version

/CPD/FRES – Resource

/CPD/FRTYP – Resource Type

0CALMONTH – Calendar month

/CPD/FPERID – Employee

/CPD/STKEYFIG – Statistical key figures

/CPD/FPSCEN – Plan scenario.

/CPD/CRID – Change Request Id

/CPD/CRAID – Change Request Alternative Id

In CPM for ERP, master data for characteristics is made available using following approaches:

  1. Real time data Acquisition a.k.a RDA.

In this approach, one has to set up RDA, activate the required data sources, info packages, transformations, perform init load, setup delta load etc. These steps are described within the initial set up note for Project Cost and Revenue Planning (1806291). This approach would require an experienced BW consultant to setup RDA.

  1. ABAP Reports that create master data

Reports such as /CPD/PFP_CREATE_RTYPE_MSTR_DTA and /CPD/PFP_CREATE_RES_MSTER_DATA etc are used to set-up master data.

  1. Transactional screens (Web-dynpro) that create/update master data.

Whenever a commercial project or financial plan is created using the transactional screens (web-dynpro), the respective master data within BW is created or updated using BW master data API’s.

Using HANA based architecture, we could use a native HANA view to obtain master data at runtime. With this approach, there is no need to have staged master data and one could use HANA views as a source of data directly. In HANA studio, you can find HANA views for BW virtual master data under package: sap.cpms4h.pfp.



The following changes are done at a BW info-object level.

  1. In the master data/ texts tab, choose “SAP HANA view” as Master Data Access.

  2. Choose the master data read class as “CL_RSMD_RS_HANA_ATTRIBUTE_VIEW”

  3. Define the appropriate SAP HANA package in the field “SAP HANA Package”

  4. In the field SAP HANA View, provide the respective HANA view.

  5. Click on Maintain HANA-Assignments to perform the mapping between various text fields and attributes to the corresponding HANA fields.