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Product and Topic Expert
"Shift planning is employee satisfaction planning."

Professor Dr. Wieland Sommer gained this insight from his daily hospital routine at the Klinikum Großhadern in Munich, Germany and it inspired him to found Planerio GmbH in 2016.

Fair and transparent shift scheduling in healthcare organizations with maximum self and
co-determination of the employees is today more than ever the goal of Planerio. “Our vision is to enable one million fulfilled individual shift planning requests per week in the German healthcare system,” says Markus Hinz, CEO of Planerio GmbH.

Large Practice, hospital and care customers at more than 500 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland already appreciate the rapid productivity gain through the digitalization and automation of processes in personnel management based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Markus Hinz, CEO Planerio GmbH: “Our main motivation for joining the ‘Co-Innovated with SAP’ program was to connect our unique-in-the-market solution to a global and innovative company. This certification helps us to instill confidence in organizations that rely on the stability and marked-proven position of SAP. Being able to interact with SAP products is a major criterion for us in many tenders, especially in hospitals. We appreciate the personal and always-helpful direct interaction with the Co-Innovated team.”

Thank you very much for accepting our request to talk about your journey and experience with the SAP Co-Innovation with SAP service. Could you first give us a brief overview of Planerio GmbH, what solutions and products you are offering and who are your customers?

Many thanks to you for giving us the opportunity to introduce Planerio.

Planerio GmbH optimizes employee centric shift planning for healthcare organizations based on Artificial Intelligence. The company with its headquarter in Munich, Germany was founded in 2016 and offers shift planning software that is constantly being further developed by a team of over 40 people.

Beneficiaries are already thousands of satisfied nursing, practice and clinic employees in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who are mostly able to view current plans online at any time, enter shift planning requests, plan and apply for holidays and training or even switch shifts in an uncomplicated way.

Numerous additional functions, such as time recording or payroll accounting, make Planerio the operating system for personnel management in the healthcare industry.

Can you share about your expectations towards the Co-innovated with SAP service – what were the reasons for applying for this service and how was your experience during the project?

Our main motivation for getting into the Co-Innovated with SAP program was to connect to a global and innovative company where we knew our unique-in-the-market solution would fit right in and at the same time enable us to reach out to customers who are already using the SAP ecosystem.

The best part of the project was the personal and always-helpful direct interaction with the Co-Innovated with SAP team. Everybody was really helpful and didn’t mind that we had a lot of basic questions.

Can you tell us about the solution you built and why you decided to build it (the apps) on SAP Cloud Platform?

Our solution helps to bridge existing on-premise data silos securely to a modern startup-built application.

The most prominent reason for using SAP Cloud Platform for building the application are for the seamless integration with SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA and all other SAP products via the readily available connectors.

How do customers benefit from this solution?

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the experience of millions of shift planners enables Planerio to fully automate the shift scheduling process in the healthcare sector. Our intelligent algorithm processes the complexity of any number of planning variables in a few minutes and calculates the optimal shift plan – fair and transparent.

With the Planerio App, employees have real-time access to plans and invoices and can actively shape their working life at any time, whether it's a request for an exchange of shifts or leisure wishes. In addition, we offer numerous features such as digital time tracking and payroll, Employee Self Service and much more.

The main benefit of certification is that customers can use their existing employee data in SAP to get started with shift scheduling in Planerio quickly. This means that they no longer have to enter their data manually into our system, but instead the data is transferred directly from SAP. In doing so, our customers can use the wealth of information maintained in SAP to optimize their shift scheduling. This enables more efficient use of Planerio services and thus a great time saving for shift planners as well as a more satisfactory shift planning for the employees.

With Planerio and its SAP-interface, customers can replace generic shift scheduling solutions (such as PEP) with a modern healthcare-optimized, AI-assisted and continuously improved alternative.

How does the Co-Innovated with SAP program and certification help in improving the positioning of the solution to customers?

The certification helps us to instill confidence in organizations that rely on the stability and marked-proven position of SAP. Being able to interact with SAP products is a major criterion for us in many tenders, especially in hospitals.

Thank you very much for sharing your Co-Innovated with SAP experience. We are excited about the possibilities of working with you again and helping you in your Next Generation Partnering Journey with SAP.


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