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Over the past few years, many users have faced major issues with Transaction monitoring using Transaction Manager screen. The most common complaint is that the screen hangs when it is accessed. The user has to close the browser window and then the whole client session gets locked.

The root cause of this issue is that MII tried to load the entire transaction execution history all at once. A workaround to this issue was to delete unwanted entries from XMII_TRANSACTIONS database table.

As of MII 12.2 SP07 the Transaction Manager screen has included the following two options:

As a result, on initial load of the screen,no entries come up. This is not an error in the screen.

To load entries to this screen, either of the filters 'Status' or 'Duration' needs to be populated and the 'Search' button needs to be clicked.

The "Status" drop down is pre-populated. The entries include status values:"Pending","Running","Successful","Failed","Terminated","Break","Debug Abandoned","Debug was successful","Debug was terminated","Debugging","Debugging","Exception","Unknown". These entries were available in the status filter in earlier support packages as well.

The second drop-down 'Duration' helps user select the duration for which he wishes to see transaction history. This drop down is populated using entries defined in the Data Services - >Time Period screen. This makes the the duration field customizable. After 'Search' button is clicked, the entries come up as per selected criteria.

Whenever a loaded transaction entry is selected, the details of the entry come up at the bottom as before.