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A support enhancement is in the process of being rolled out to MII 12.2, 14.0, and 15.0.  This enhancement is meant to make it a little easier for MII administrators to check for critical known issues in their MII/Netweaver libraries.

This feature is provided by way of a new mode of the Illuminator Admin service.  It is called DependencyChecker, and what it does is check the internal Netweaver component levels versus an internal matrix of components/support notes/version details.  This check is then returned to the user in a standard Illuminator list (HTML, XML, etc).

To call the service, you use the following URL format: http://<server:port>/XMII/Illuminator?Service=Admin&Mode=DependencyChecker

If you use the service and your system has one of these known issues, you should see this in the results:

FRAMEWORK7.31.11.0Note number 2014780, Component=FRAMEWORK, Major=7, Minor=31, Subversion=11, BuildNumber=8The note 2014780 requires 11P8, please upgrade this component.
FRAMEWORK7.31.11.0Note number 1954676, Component=FRAMEWORK, Major=7, Minor=31, Subversion=11, BuildNumber=6The note 1954676 requires 11P6, please upgrade this component.

Known issues will also appear in the system log files on MII startup with similar messages.

If you find that your system has one of these known issues, our recommendation is to check the release notes mentioned and then upgrade accordingly.  Typically you will need to upgrade the marked components to the latest patch level for the SP you are on. Make sure to use the SCA Dependency Tool on the support portal to also implement any required Netweaver SCAs that must be upgraded in conjunction with the SCA you are upgrading.

This enhancement is delivered as part of release note 2187724, please check the note for further details and information on what releases this is part of.

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