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I am super proud to announce the newest version of SAP Product Lifecycle Costing 4.0 SP4 Hotfix 3 in the SAP Cloud Appliance Library. Don´t miss the opportunity to try leveraging a ready to run, preconfigured SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (SAP PLC) system containing sample data. Experience first-hand the benefits the solution provides in being able to calculate costs and other dimensions for new products or quotations across all stages of the product lifecycle to easily simulate costs and compare alternatives to maximize profitability.

The latest release of SAP Product Lifecylce Costing has many new improvements and more details can be found here:


What is new in PLC SP4:

  • Create custom specific item categories

  • Prioritize rules to influence price determination (newest prices, plant-specific prices, vendor-specific prices…)

  • Display price details like plant, vendor, customer and project in the calculation view

  • New function available in the formular editor (IN() function to search for a value in a list of values)

  • Improved system performance by reducing memory usage during price determination

  • New interface to maintain data retention periods for data protection and privacy

Check What's New in SAP Product Lifecycle Costing 4.0 SP4 for more information.

Enhancements with Hotfix 3:

  • Improved the performance of import functionality (BOM/Routing)

  • Improve performance in Excel Import

  • PLC exchange rate factor alligned to SAP S/4

  • Lifecycle Versions appear directly in the PLC Cockpit after generation (logout isn´t necessary anymore to display the lifecycles)

Check SAP Note 3224500 for more details.


Using the SAP Product Lifecycle Costing Appliance Template in SAP Cloud Appliance Library:

SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) offers a quick and easy way to create SAP workloads in your cloud infrastructure. You will find Appliance Templates for demo, proof of concept and exploration of new business cases. With SAP PLC being part of the offering you can create your own dedicated SAP PLC appliance in your hyperscaler infrastructure.

As a prerequisite, you need to obtain an account at one of the supported cloud providers and can afterwards bring up your system using the SAP CAL. The registration in SAP CAL and one of the supported hosting providers takes only a few minutes. The start-up of your personal trial instance (no shared system !) will take roughly 1-2 hours. An easy entrance into SAP CAL is the SAP PLC 30-day trial.

Find more info on how to get there in SAP Cloud Appliance Library community, where e.g. demo videos for Appliance creation in AWS, Azure or GCP are offered.

SAP Cloud Appliance Library: Create your SAP Product Lifecycle Costing Appliance


  • Appliance provisioning wizard and free 30 day trial period possible (i.e. no fees to be paid to SAP)

  • No S user needed for trial case, just register with SAP ID service to log on to SAP CAL

  • Bring your own hyperscaler (at your expense)

  • Trial can be continued in a paid mode after 30 days with SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription

  • Low cost option for first steps in a new product version


You may access the preconfigured SAP Product Lifecycle Costing 4.0 SP4 Hotfix 3 Appliance Temlate in the Cloud Appliance Library Catalog here, and learn more about using the service from the Getting Started Guide attached to the template.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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About the Author:

Lino Messerschmidt is the product manager for SAP Product Lifecycle Costing (SAP PLC) and responsible for the product globally.

Follow him on LinkedIn to get latest news about our SAP PLC solution at SAP.

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