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In the current front-end market, the mainstream framework is divided into two directions, the frame of PC and mobile. In addition, there are two kinds of JavaScript libraries, React and Vue. Based on these two JS Libraries, there are various frameworks in the market. The UNI-APP, I'm going to introduce is a cross end mobile framework and based on VueJS.

Now in China , there are many mobile platforms, such as WeChat, Alipay, Baidu, ByteDance and so on, which provide the opening function of Mini apps. Depending on the platform will reduce the difficulty of drainage, and it is easy to use. These are all mobile platforms, and the platform itself also provides Mini apps development functions and guidelines. However, in many platforms, if an application wants to complete unified and standardized development, it can be compatible with the differences of various platforms, but the cost will be relatively large. Another requirement is that we release an app by ourselves, and the function is consistent with the applet. So an appropriate framework, a cost reduction framework is necessary to consider.


UNI-APP is the latest front-end framework of DCloud to develop cross platform applications based on VueJS. Its concept is to develop once and cover multiple ends. The reasons for recommendation are as follows:

1. More developers / cases

  • 50000 + cases, 600 + plug-ins, 50 + wechat / QQ groups, higher Baidu Index

  • higher cross end perfection and real landing to improve productivity

2. Unlimited platform capacity

  • at the same time of cross terminal, through conditional compilation + platform specific API call, you can write personalized code for a platform gracefully, and call proprietary capabilities without affecting other platforms.

  • support native code mixing and native SDK integration.

3. Excellent performance experience

  • experience a better hybrid framework and load new pages faster.

  • the app supports weex native rendering to support a smoother user experience.

  • the performance of applet is better than other frameworks in the market. evaluating

4. Rich surrounding ecology

  • rich plug-in market, all kinds of wheels are ready to use.

  • support NPM, applet components and SDK, mpvue components and projects, and weex components.

  • various SDKs of wechat ecosystem can be directly used for cross platform apps.

5. Low learning cost

  • based on the general front-end technology stack, using Vue syntax + wechat applet API, no additional learning cost.

6. Low development cost

  • not only the cost of development, but also the cost of recruitment, management and testing has been greatly reduced.

  • hbuilderx is a highly efficient development artifact, and the R & D efficiency will be doubled at least after mastering it (even if only one platform is developed).

Functional framework

As can be seen from the following UNI-APP functional framework diagram, in the process of cross platform, uni app can call the platform's proprietary capabilities gracefully without sacrificing the platform's characteristics, so as to truly embrace all rivers and learn from each other.

UNI-APP implements a set of code and runs to multiple platforms at the same time

To sum up, I hope you like this framework. In the process of rapid development of the front-end market, we can keep learning anytime, anywhere and learn our strengths, so that we can face the market changes freely.

If you need to know more, please go to the official website UNI-APP.