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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP Enterprise Product development is a Cloud solution that enables businesses to deliver the right products, at the right time and the right costs.

On the 21st November 2022, we hosted a virtual event where our development teams presented the newest apps of SAP Enterprise Product Development and how the digital thread ties all the parts together. The presentations focused on demoing the apps that recently came out in the 2211 release, and even future apps and the road map moving forward in the upcoming years to come. In this blog post, I would like to summarize what happened in the webinar and share with you, videos of the event where you can watch it at your leisure.

The speakers that you find throughout the event include:

We also had two guest speakers from our partner Cenit AG, and our customer ASM. To watch the full webinar, you can register on

Setting the stage

I love that before we start any event, we do our best to interact with our audience, and MentiMeter is a great way to get a conversation started. Yash also share’s a video about the SAP Community page for SAP Enterprise Product Development – do check it out and join our community! Later in the video Ismail and Carsten provide an overview of SAP Enterprise Product Development, how the digital thread ties everything together and the benefit’s of the cloud solution. Check out the video below:

Define your product by campaigning on new ideas

Ismail sets the stage by presenting what the first stages of product development are which is to define the product you are going to make. He gives an example with a role called Tom, who is the head of product management of a company and addresses the tasks, needs & challenges that Tom faces in his daily work. Ing-Marie then provides you an overview of how SAP can support Tom overcome the challenges he faces during early product development with our newest capability, Innovation Management. Check out the video below:

Develop products for variability and easily document the product composition

Ismail sets the stage again by presenting the next stage of product development which is to develop the product. He brings in another persona called John, who is the head of research and development at a company who needs to manage increasing product complexity. To support John overcome his challenges he faces in his daily work, Martin Bachmann shares the newest capability in SAP Enterprise Product Development called configuration management. The way Martin tells the story of how configuration management works is really simple to understand and worth watching! Check out the video below:

Manage specifications for all product, raw material, and packaging related properties

Felix presents a new capability in this 2211 release which is specification management in SAP Enterprise Product Development. Specification management enables key stakeholders such as product development, packaging, procurement, quality & compliance, operations & manufacturing to better collaborate and bring products to life. Is the single source of truth for product data. Check out the video below:

From Design-to-Service

Ismail introduces a new role, Eva, Chief Digital Officer at a company. Her role is to identify and drive innovation by using new technologies. Later, Nick Wang, guides the audience how SAP can support Eva, with the soon-to-be-implemented strategy and vision called Design-to-Service where we are able support the digital thread. Nick showcases a few demos to illustrate the strategy. If you, our community, are interesting in co-innovating with Nick on this strategic topic, you can get in contact with him today! Check out the video below:

Outlook 2023 – 2024 for SAP Enterprise Product Development

Before concluding the webinar, Ismail and Carsten share with us an overview about upcoming new features in the solution in 2023 and 2024, for example, CAD integration, recipe formulation and insights. If you are an existing customer or user of SAP Enterprise Product Development and would like to co-innovate with us, Ismail and Carsten also share that information. A new LinkedIn group called SAP PLM Experts Forum, has also been created for our community which is opened for everyone to join. What are you waiting for? Join the group today!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and it provided you a good summary of the entire event. As mention at the beginning, we also had our partner Cenit AG present their latest apps for SAP Enterprise Product Development, allowing you, our users and customers the possibility to do more with the solution. And our customer ASM shared how they use SAP Enterprise Product Development today. If you want to watch their presentations, you can do so by registering to the event.

Do not miss out on any of our latest posts and updates on our SAP Community channel for SAP Enterprise Product Development. If you have any questions, we have an FAQ on the SAP Community for you to post your questions and be sure that an expert will answer you.

About the Author:

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