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Innovation Service Package Industry 4.Now

With our guided experience centers, everyone from the head of the shop floor and the production manager can quickly and intelligently evaluate, choose and adopt solutions and services that support their unique Industry 4.0 needs. Access to integrated assessment tools expands internal decision-making participation. Meanwhile, continuous collaboration with SAP or a chosen partner is supported to establish distinct requirements for a fast, smooth, and affordable deployment.

SAP and partners provide a portfolio of services to simplify and accelerate our customers’ transformational journey to Industry 4.0. Supporting numerous industries – both in discrete and process manufacturing – and various lines of business, each service offers a library of proven best practices, preconfigured solutions, deployment options, and integrated business content.


Services exist for all of SAP’s Industry 4.Now themes, built in SAP S/4HANA and fully support all product use cases.

  • Maturity Assessment:Establish the maturity level in an assessment report.

  • Explore Services and Business Assessment: Create a strategic vision and understand the business impact.

  • Implementation Services: Services to implement the SAP products and satellite solutions to provide Intelligent 4.0 capabilities. SAP Model Company for Industrial Machinery & Components, SAP Model Company for Connected Manufacturing, and SAP Model Company for Connected Assets are optionally available as accelerator.

  • Safeguarding and Support:Gain maximum value from software investments and support.

Figure 1: SAP Services for the Customer Journey to Industry 4.0


With specialized services by SAP and our partners, our customers can access the insights and tools they need to increase technology adoption and further optimize existing solution investments. Doing so sets up the foundation they need to rethink and redesign business models and processes in line with Industry 4.0 practices to deliver critical and expected outcomes. These highly desired results include increased production throughput and higher sales revenue while reducing manufacturing costs, product defects, wasted resources, and inventory overruns.



SAP S/4HANA®  Intelligent Product Design, SAP S/4HANA®  Manufacturing,  SAP S/4HANA®  Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud, SAP Manufacturing Suite, SAP S/4HANA Operations  & Maintenance, SAP Environmental Health and Safety, SAP Intelligent Asset Network, SAP 3D Visual Enterprise


Objectives of the SAP Maturity Assessment for Digital Supply Chain, here are a few deliverables:

  • Deep dive into the customers Industry 4.0 Processes and End-to-End Scenarios​ that include Cloud and Edge components

  • Customer specific Industry 4.0 Solution Fit-Gap-Analysis and Implementation ​

  • Services offerings that reduce time to value with industry best practices

  • Value Assurance service to secure maximum value out of the software

  • Different engagement models with possible entry points.

Findings of the SAP Digital Supply Chain Maturity Assessment are summarized in a document.


All in all, the SAP’s Industry 4.Now program and it’s services reconfirm SAP’s commitment to help customers transform to an Intelligent Enterprise supported by SAP S/4HANA and related SAP Customer Success and partner solutions. If you have any further inquiries, please check here.