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When using SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud for execution importing production orders from ERP (e.g. SAP S/4HANA Cloud) is the common approach.

A production order contains the routing and operation activities among others information to manufacture the materials. To enable certain SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud capabilities, it is recommended to provide in ERP system the information how the operation activities are called in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. This can be done in the routings of your materials under the operation overview in the column "Operation (SAP ME)" in ERP e.g. with the transactions CA01 (create routing) or CA02 (Update routing).

If "Operation (SAP ME)" is set correctly, when a new order comes in it will be checked if the respective operation activity already exist in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud and no additional order specific operation activity will be created. This will enable the potential of using Visual Inspection for certain operation activities for new production orders.

How to enable Visual Inspection with ERP production orders:

    1. If not done, create a new plant in SAP Digital Manufacturing cloud which is linked to your ERP system.

    2. Create operation activities with the “Operation Activity Master Name” of the operations which you want to add in ERP as operation details. Go to Application help "Manage Operation Activities" if you need further instructions:  Manage Operation Activities

    3. In your ERP system, add in the columns of the material's routing the operation details "Operation (SAP ME)" with the same name as done in the step 2

    4. Create you visual inspection scenario with the parameter "Plant", "Material", "Operation Activity", for more details have a look at application help: Create AI/ML Scenarios for Visual Inspection

If you have configure ERP system and SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud correct, you will see for new production order the same operation activity names in the order details:

Example of a product order in ERP with ME operation

Example of same production order in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud



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