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It takes lot of effort and insights to build a Production Operator Dashboard (POD) in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) and a lot of thoughts and inputs contribute to shape it. Many a times there are configurations and customizations that evolve over time and make way into POD. There are use cases where you have configured nice SAP DMC POD and would like to make use of it in different plants or tenants. Essentially you need to copy SAP DMC POD across plants in in the same or different tenants. While you can copy POD within the same tenant/plant using copy functionality in the POD Designer, there is no UI based method to copy SAP DMC POD across tenant/plant.

All is not lost, and help is there to copy SAP DMC POD in the above scenario. In SAP DMC, there is a released API to achieve above objective. You can have more details at public API reference here:


POD copying using above API is a two step process:

  1. In the first step you export the chosen POD from the tenant where it already exists. It is essentially downloading the already created POD.

  2. In the second step you can import the downloaded POD into the target tenant/plant combo.

To Export

Send a GET request to the following endpoint.  Be sure to replace the parameters with whatever is correct for your system.

  • {{gateway-ms}}/pod/v1/export?plant={{Plant}}&podId={POD_NAME_HERE}

In Postman when sending the request use the arrow symbol next to the send button and select “Send and Download”.  See the screenshot below.  Then enter the name and location of the pod configuration file you are exporting.

To Import

Send a POST request to the following endpoint.  Be sure to replace the parameters with whatever is correct for your system.

  • {{gateway-ms}}/pod/v1/import

The Body Form Data Parameters are as follows.  In postman on the Body Tab set it to form-data and enter the following.





File – You have to set this manually in postman.  It defaults to “Text”.

The location and name of the pod configuration file being imported.



The name of the plant you want to import the pod to.



The name of the pod after import.



The description of the pod after import.



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