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You have followed the guide described in note "2047259 Trouble shooting guide about word document merge with web service" to get the content of word template which is used to create attachment in the runtime. For trouble shooting purpose you want to check whether a given element in your word template is bound to a certain node in web service or not.

There are two approaches to achieve your requirement.

We use one example below to illustrate the two approaches. Suppose you want to check whether the element "Subtotal 6" and "Net Value" in table is bound to any web service node or not.


put your mouse onto the table area, and you can see there are shadows onto the table area.

Single click on the shadow area outside the table, you can see a hint "Allitemsoforder", and there are a solid border which wraps the table.

This tells you that the whole table is bound to a node named "Allitemsoforder" in your web service.

Single click on table column field under table column header "Object-ID", ( the field with content 0400000207 in this example), and you could see another hint "ObjectId". This tells you the table column field under header "Object-ID" is bound to web service node "ObjectId", which is a child node under web service node "Allitemsoforder".

When you single click on table column field under header "Subtotal 6" and "Net Value", nothing happens.

This means the table column field "Subtotal 6" and "Net Value" is NOT bound to any web service node. As a result once an attachment is created  based on this word template, these two fields will always remain empty.


Create a local copy of your word template.

change the postfix of your copy from .docx to .zip.

double click on the zip file, you should see the following windows:

double click on folder "word", and then double click on "document.xml":

This xml contains the layout design of your word template.

Any UI elements which are bound to web service node would have a corresponding entry ( the entry contains the complete path of bound web service node ) in this xml file, for example the field "Number Int":

example of "Number Ext":

For field "Subtotal 6" and "Net Value", there is no such entry in document.xml, which means these two elements are NOT bound to web service node at all.