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I have received a number of requests and questions regarding training for SAP Enterprise Product Development (EPD). It is nice to see continued and increasing interest in this public Cloud extension of SAP’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, so I wanted to provide an overview, how you can stay up-to-date.

SAP offers multiple options to find relevant information and receive training for SAP PLM and EPD:

Option 1:

For technical insights, of course the go-to-place is the SAP EPD Admin Guide while features are presented in the Feature Scope document, located on the SAP help portal.

Option 2:

To get more familiar with SAP EPD, we offer free enablement sessions, available for all SAP partners and SAP employees via SAP Partner Edge.

These provide the initial overview, technical sessions, point out industry-specific use cases (for discrete, process or asset-rich industries) as well as highlights of our PLM and EPD capabilities.All these sessions have been recorded and are available at your convenience at SAP Partner Edge here

SAP PartnerEdge



Option 3:

We offer a variety of free “ask-the-expert” sessions, so called SAP Compact sessions via the ON24 platform, where everybody can engage with the SAP EPD experts and ask questions.
These sessions are always set-up around a particular topic of interest and free for customers, SAP partners and SAP employees.

I can specifically recommend the architecture and integration webinars part 1 and part 2 for everybody involved in an EPD implementation project! These webinar explain how to integrate SAP EPD with SAP Document Management, Project Management, Engineering Control Center and SAP Ariba.

The 3 sessions in March were

  1. EPD-PPX, product package exchange for supplier or CMO collaboration
    By SAP and LeverX on March 8th

  2. Requirements Mgmt and the extension for the Requirements Valuation Cockpit
    By SAP and Cenit on March 14th

  3. Innovation Mgmt
    by SAP on March 23rd

You can watch the recordings of past sessions here and stay tuned for our sessions in April.
For a full overview, please register on the Engagement Hub starting page. In the section “Product Lifecycle Management” you will find all the SAP EPD upcoming and past webinars.

SAP Compact Webinars on ON24 Platform

Option 4:

For a deep-dive into SAP EPD, we also offer a formal training block. Please note that this training is not free of charge.
You can book our EPD100 training class available in the Learning Hub Partner Edition

Official Training Course SAP EPD100

Option 5:

I would also like to already point out the upcoming OpenSAP sessions for PLM and EPD, which will start in May.
We are planning free-of-charge 6-weeks training courses for both discrete and process industries.

Here a glimpse of the content.

OpenSAP sessions for the discrete industries

OpenSAP sessions for the process industries

Once registration opens, we will inform you via our LinkedIn PLM Professionals Group

Until then you can of course access our past OpenSAP classes for both discrete and process industries:
SAP PLM in Discrete Industries | openSAP
SAP PLM in Process Industries | openSAP

Aside from the training, I’d also like to inform you about our SAP community page for EPD which contains blogs about key topics as well as event information.
(See also the Intro Video about the Community)

I hope I could provide you with a helpful overview how to stay up-to date with SAP PLM and Enterprise Product Development topics and trainings!