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Commercial projects come in different shapes and sizes. For example, a spot consulting for 2 weeks or construction of a bridge for few years or rapid fire shut down and turnaround of oil refinery or a multi country/entity projects. A good commercial project solution has to cater to these variability.

SAP Commercial Project Management makes use of Business Warehouse (BW) Technology to offer reference content and enhancement possibilities within S4HANA 1709.

This blog series covers few of those scenarios. SAP customers and partners could add additional scenarios in this space. Drop a note to this author with your content.  In this series, we will consider the following business scenarios

  1. Individual terminology - customer / industry specific UI terminology of key figures

  2. Additional KPIs within analytical reports such as labor cost or such as percentage completion of staffing

  3. Additional drill down possibilities within analytical reports  such as one would be able to filter or group projects costs by city/location in addition to project WBS

  4. Process extensions - for example have a special cost calculation for activity type resources(resources type)

  5. Add a new planning dimension so that planners can specify supplying country of resources while planning

Broadly these scenarios could be classified into analytical reports and planning capabilities. Following blogs provide example scenarios to achieve them within system.

Technically, most of these enhancements involve extension of SAP delivered CPM BW content. Within this documentation, SAP explains object behaviour and attributes. For example, which key figures are available within project cost reports and calculation behind them. You can access this documentation within official product documentation


Select appropriate product version from top right corner >> BI Content Commercial Project Management. A BW technical consultant will be able to locate these content within S/4HANA system and follow the steps mentioned within individual blogs.

Extending or enhancing SAP delivered analytical reports

  1. Rename key figures in project cost status hierarchical(HCS) and project cost status(PCS) reports

  2. Add new derived key figure within PCS report

  3. Add new key calculated Key figure (CKF) in PCS report

  4. Adding a new navigational attribute called ‘City/location’ to the project WBS (structure element) and use them within reports. Navigation attributes helps one to drill down on further. In this example one would be able to filter or group projects costs by city/location in addition to project WBS.

Extending SAP delivered planning models and algorithms

<this section will be updated soon>