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In the world of innovation, #iDNA shines as a platform where brilliant minds unite to collaborate and fuel innovation. Rooted in the twin pillars of innovation and collaboration, #iDNA isn't just an event; it's a transformative journey.

Essence of our #iDNA journey


We Customer eXperience(CX) Innovation Automation and Scale (IAS) -Team India, embarked on a quest: How can we foster innovation within our team? The answer became clear – through collaboration. Thus, #iDNA was born, a unique event designed to ignite innovation among our team members.

Origins of #iDNA

In a world recovering from a global pandemic, the pressing need for collaboration became glaringly evident. To confront the challenge of "Lack of Collaboration" and to fortify our team's innovation pipeline, we embarked on a clear mission. However, our pivotal goal extended beyond this. We aimed to foster "Innovation Inclusivity," dispelling the myth that innovation is the realm of a select few within the team. This dual mission gave birth to #iDNA, a transformative five-week journey marked by five pivotal milestones.

#iDNA - Participant Milestones

Our story began with #iDNA Season 1 – a closed group event in India. It was during team outings and brainstorming sessions that 14 remarkable ideas emerged.

#iDNA Season 2

Inspired by the success of Season 1, we dreamed bigger. #iDNA2.0 transcended borders, reaching six countries across CX- IAS. This international collaboration brought with it a wealth of benefits

With teams from around the world, our innovations weren't confined to a single market. They held the potential for global impact, promising solutions that transcend geographic boundaries.

This international collaboration wasn't just about scaling up; it was about opening our minds to a world of possibilities and embracing the power of a truly global perspective.

Gamified Platform

To enhance the participant experience, we partnered with the SAP Experience Garage. The result? An engaging challenge hosted on the platform, attracting over 170+ eager participants.

Challenges and Missions

#iDNA2.0 featured six themes, five missions, and 22 diverse teams. Each mission guided participants towards innovation excellence.

#iDNA2.0 Challenge

Mentorship and Expertise

At the heart of #iDNA were expert connect sessions and mentoring. Industry experts from various SAP CX solution areas guided participating teams, providing valuable feedback and insights.

Impact on Technical Innovation

Our journey bore fruit in innovation, especially in Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Sustainability. Notable concepts like AI Searchandizing, "Right to Repair," and the "Subscription Economy" emerged, with the potential to elevate customer satisfaction and nurture a sustainable future.

Impact on Team Collaboration

The real triumph of #iDNA2.0 lay in fostering global connections and meaningful collaborations. It wasn't just about innovative ideas; it was about embracing diverse perspectives, uncovering market trends, and facilitating cross-cultural cooperation.

Shark Tank and the Top 5 Winners

#iDNA Shark Tank - A Showcase of innovation. All 22 teams delivered compelling 10-minute pitches to the formidable sharks and the entire CX IAS team. The top five winning ideas emerged. These exceptional concepts are not only recognized for their brilliance but strategically positioned for implementation, promising a tangible impact.

#iDNA2.0 Shark Tank

Success Stories

From #iDNA2.0, we harvested 20+ innovative ideas, with many progressing towards realization. Some are poised to become potential service packages, while others find their place on the product roadmap. This rich harvest nurtured a robust innovation pipeline for the future.

Summary and Outcome


We express our heartfelt gratitude to the participants, organizers, experts, mentors, sharks, and sponsors whose unwavering support made this event an astounding success.To explore the innovations and ideas generated by #iDNA2.0, visit the SharePoint link.

#iDNA2.0 Sharepoint Page [ SAP Internal ]

Meet the #iDNA Crew Here

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Stay tuned for future updates, for our journey has just begun!!