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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Are you looking to establish a digital thread for your enterprise?
Are you tired of data-silos that burry critical data insights you need for your next product breakthrough?
Do you feel your product development can benefit from a single source of truth?

Well, look no further – SAP Enterprise Product Development can connect your cross-departmental and cross-functional teams across your extended enterprise and weave all of them and their data to a unified digital thread.

SAP Enterprise Product Development helps you digitalize product development. This powerful solution is a highly customizable cloud solution that enables you to digitally orchestrate your product development from design to operate, resulting in reduced time to market, higher R&D return on investment, higher margins, and reliable product launches. It is hosted and managed via SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

In this blog I cover some key highlights of the virtual event on September 12, 2023, where experts, customers and partners joined in to Discover SAP Enterprise Product Development. The participants got the opportunity to learn about SAP’s latest cloud innovations for PLM, and the benefits of using SAP Enterprise Product Development.

Ing-Marie Lönnerheden kicked off the webinar by raising an excellent question: Where do good product change ideas come from? In her answer she explained the major 4 challenges in changes, also known as the 4C: Complexity, Compliance, Consistency, and Cost-effectiveness. Her insights on how Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI technologies are now shaping the world of product innovation and the process of ideation, really goes to show how the industry is at the pivotal junction welcoming the era of AI assisted human decision-making for enterprises and integration with core business processes. Complementing her insights, Atilla Madarász shared how product teams can ensure a holistic and rapid change process supported by SAP Enterprise Product Development.

This was followed by Gerhard Himmelsbach spoke about the power of the hybrid PLM world, making the best of PLM in both cloud and on-premise, sharing the SAP PLM Portfolio for Discrete and Process Industries. Then, the spotlight zoomed out of Europe and over to New Zealand where Nick Wang showcased the importance of Visualization for Manufacturers and Asset Operators and demoed a few scenarios about Digital Thread for Visual Asset Management.

We kept our international spirit by inviting Mark Landrosh and Manoj Kaippilly from the United States on stage. They shared how cross-departmental collaboration can lead to an emergence of great collective intelligence for the enterprise, covering end-to-end use cases for both the Product Development and Formulation processes.

To help you gain real-world insights about SAP Enterprise Product Development and the value it brings we were extremely happy to welcome Matthias Gräuler from Gramont and Manon Noe from Agrana, to share their experience on working with and using SAP Enterprise Product Development, and how EPD is set up to be the backbone of corporate product development for them . They shared many advantages already reaped with the solution and their plans for extension, brining all their stakeholders closer and reducing redundancies and fast-tracking collaboration and decision making.

I also asked my colleague, Sina Goetz, who supports this webinar behind the scenes from day one what her personal experience and highlights are, and here is what she said:
“Seeing this webinar becoming a regular event on everyone’s radar is fantastic. Looking at the increasing number of attendees, it’s great to see our work resonates in the market. SAP Enterprise Product Development is a product to enjoy, and I love not only seeing new innovations each time, but also the faces and masterminds behind them and their passion for the product. They pave the way for our customers on their journey towards the cloud to unleash the tremendous value SAP Enterprise Product Development has in it. I personally enjoy reading our attendees’ questions and comments during the webinar, because they clearly show their interest, curiosity, and knowledge they have already gained about SAP Enterprise Product Development and their eagerness to learn even more."

Click here to watch the replay of Discover SAP Enterprise Product Development – September 2023 Editi...

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