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We have major upgrades and new features on Line Monitor and Overlay Authoring Tool in the latest release 2208 of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

Do read my last three blogs (for the releases 2111, 2202, 2205) on Line Monitor and Overlay Authoring Tool to get more context, out of scope etc. about these powerful apps, their inherent flexibilities, attractiveness, and extensive usage capabilities in the area of monitoring production process (both on grid view and in 2D pictorial representation). Do like and share them.

In this blog post, I would like to introduce you to the new and enhanced capabilities of Line Monitor and Overlay Authoring Tool used in SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (Release 2208).

LM is not an official SAP abbreviation, and I will refer Line Monitor as LM for the sake of brevity and easiness to read. LM is generally available and ready to be consumed since Release 2111 of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

OAT is not an official SAP abbreviation, and I will refer Overlay Authoring Tool as OAT for the sake of brevity and easiness to read. OAT is generally available and ready to be consumed since release 2202 of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud. It is one of the pre-delivered tiles in the Dashboard of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

Followings are the broad areas where new and enhanced features have been implemented and released in the release 2208 of SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud.

Default LM POD

LM has now its default avatar. A big timesaver. It is a template POD known as Default LM POD. Instead of spending time on POD Designer and stitching together various plugins, perspectives, context etc., you can copy this LM Default POD into a new POD and work from the copied POD. Keep in mind, LM Default POD is a template POD and to use it in production, one should copy it into a new POD and modify as needed. LM Default POD in its current form should not be used for the production. If I were Production Supervisor, then I will enter default work center(s) in the copied LM POD so that LM perspectives are restricted to only those work center(s). Otherwise each time LM POD is used, it will load all the work centers found in the chosen plant.

  1. Search Default LM POD in POD Designer using search string "default_lm_pod".

  2. In next screen, you can see Default LM POD in its entirety, with all four perspectives (Production, Quality, Asset, OEE), with their own overview and detail sections. Floor Plan view is also part of this POD.    

  3. You can also see Image Overlay plugin added to all overview sections of various perspectives (shown here only for the Production perspective). Field "Image Overlay Project" is empty and when this POD is copied then this field can take value of the chosen OAT project(s).

  4. Default LM POD is not editable by design. When Default LM POD project is used at run time, it will select all work centers in the chosen plant and Floor Plan view shall be empty and hence it is not advisable to use Default LM POD for production. Instead copy it to your own named POD and if needed fill values in default work centers field, and assign OAT project(s) in various overview perspectives. This copied project is enabled to be edited and all its features can be used productively. On how to use LM POD (with or without OAT), refer to my earlier blogs highlighted in the opening section of this blog.


OAT Upgrades on Delete, Project Usage List, UI

  1. Now you can delete projects created in OAT. This will minimize the list of project seen in OAT Project Explorer. Note that functionality of "Copy" project existed since the last release of 2202.

  2. One wouldn't want project to be deleted if it is used in one or more PODs; and we disabled deletion of OAT project in such cases.

  3. One needs to know where OAT project is being used and to facilitate that usage list is introduced in the OAT project explorer for each project listed.

  4. For a single OAT project, you can see usage list in the project detail page section. From the POD usage list, using forward navigation, one can go the run time of the selected POD. You must have noticed that none of the details of this project can be changed as it is used in one or more than PODs.

Notifications on LM POD

New feature has been introduced in LM POD where it listens to Production Process events for one or more work centers and displays these events on LM POD screen. Of course Production Process needs to be designed to generate events for the work center(s) and LM POD has to be configured to listen to these events.

  1. LM POD can now subscribe to Production Process event at Work Center level.

  2. In the design of Production Process, one can create process for notifications at plant and work level. As of now, one process for only one work center can be created. Since LM POD can used for multiple work centers, one needs to define those many individual Production Processes (one for each work center).

  3. Whether LM POD is configured to receive production process events at work center level is indicated by icon on the top right corner. Once above setup is done, then Production Process event(s) generated at the chosen work center(s) will end up showing in LM POD as notifications.



As you might have already noticed, release 2208 brings in so many new features and ease of usage. There are many under the hood changes which will make LM and OAT more global. As such both OAT and LM can be used in process industry only. With more and more features coming in towards future releases, do watch this space for more updates.

As is clear, even the best of best products need enhancements, enrichments, upgrades to keep up with technology and ever changing customer requirements. In that context, I would welcome all the feedback, thoughts, comments, suggestions on product improvements/ new features from our esteemed readers, customer, partners, colleagues on this blog post of LM and OAT. You may also use component MFG-DM-MI-LM to send your feedback (or for incident reporting) on the usage of LM and OAT.

I also would request and encourage you to follow tags and my profile to be first one to know about latest and greatest on OAT and LM.

You can also look at QnA in following communities and ask questions as well. Also don’t forget to include tags of OAT, Overlay Authoring Tool, LM, and Line Monitor in your question(s). I would also encourage you to follow the tag (and/or me), so you receive notifications with upcoming content of mine and other community members:

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Again, thanks for reading this blog post and posting all the feedbacks, thoughts, comments, suggestions on product improvements/ new features.
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